Marlyn Germosen, Boss Mom of 6 Runs Her own Business

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    September 26, 2018
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    Marlyn Germosen

Marlyn Germosen is a married 32-year-old Boss Babe with 6 children! A mompreneur who is the Owner/CEO of The Massage Studio LLC. located in Cheshire CT.

Freedom drives Marlyn to keep doing what she does. It’s not easy being a mom of 6 and still run a business. Having 100% control of every detail of her business, and the freedom of making huge decisions, also the ability to provide employment are the things that give Marlyn the drive to keep doing what she is doing. 

"To watch something you started to grow and flourish is the best feeling overall "

Marlyn Germosen

The Massage Studio is a safe zone, where you can relax, rejuvenate and take a moment away from your busy life to heal your soul, open for almost 2 years the studio has flourished with over 100 members and clients that come from all over Ct state.

”We are here to lower stress, relieve discomfort, increase circulation, and heal your soul. We provide affordable luxury in a blissful, clean, and relaxing environment. Step away from your busy life and let us take care of you. Our massages and body treatments are performed by experienced licensed massage therapists. Enjoy heated tables, hot towels, soft music, dim lighting and endless pampering.” 

1. How did you get into the world of health & wellness?

I started as a certified nurse’ assistant in 2005 at just 19 years old, little did I know my passion for helping others would only grow.

2. What motivated you to become an entrepreneur and starting The Massage Studio?

I’ve always been a leader, set goals for myself, and made vision boards. The goal was always to start my own business. I wholeheartedly believe in the law of attraction, with a positive mind, faith in yourself and good work ethic anything is possible.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other women leaving a job and start for themselves?

Know what it is that you want. Figure out the steps to achieve it, use your resources, affiliate yourself with people that have similar goals, or that have already made it. Be patient, and just go for it.

4. What does a day in your life consist of?

I am a mother before I am anything else, I’m waking up early making breakfast and packing school lunches, I’m dropping kids off at schools/daycare in the morning, by 9 am I am 100% on business mode, I do everything at the studio from emails, calls, scheduling people, checking people in and out, taking payments, to doing the studio laundry, cleaning, payroll and providing therapeutic services to my clients, after a long day of that I am back to being a mom and a wife, I’ll end my day with cooking dinner and spending the rest of the day with those who mean the most. It’s a hectic, and busy lifestyle but at the end of the day I feel productive, accomplished, and so grateful of where I am in life right now.

5. What do you do when you’re not working?

Being an owner of a business hardly has its off days, even when I am out of work I am still answering emails, booking clients, and handling social media. When I can get time to take the kids out, or have a night out with my husband, I take full advantage of it.

6. What sacrifices have you had to make during life as an entrepreneur and a leader?

I’ve lost many “friends” along the way for whatever reason, my husband (a barbershop owner) always told me “expect to lose a few, its lonely at the top.” Just keep in mind with every level up you have in life, you will gain and lose people, and that’s okay.

7. What is your life motto?

Your only limit is you.  Sometimes in life, we ourselves set up walls of self-doubt that keeps us from pursuing our dreams. Tear those down, FAST!

8. You have a team working for you, what would you advice for someone who is looking for a team? What do you recommend for them to look for?

I look for people that are responsible, reliable and empathetic, but most importantly they have to have a passion for what they do. Passion is what makes or breaks an employee in my experience.

9. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

It would be, having 100% control over every detail of my business, and the freedom I have to make huge decisions, also the ability to provide employment is a big one. To watch something you started to grow and flourish is the best feeling overall.

10. If you had one piece of advice to our readers to those just starting out as a business owner, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to leave that 9-5pm, be afraid to stay there. Understand that we as business owners are the only ones that work harder now to see the fruits of our labor later, don’t let fear of not knowing stop you and don’t ever get too comfortable being comfortable.

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