Make Polarised Sunglasses Your Next Wardrobe Staple with These Handy Styling Tips

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    February 12, 2024
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Make Polarised Sunglasses Your Next Wardrobe Staple with These Handy Styling Tips

In the continuously evolving landscape of eyewear, polarised sunglasses have carved a niche for themselves with their unique attributes. Unlike their conventional counterparts, polarized sunglasses boast defining benefits that transcend mere aesthetics, from colour contrast to glare reduction. 

With polarised sunglasses’ undeniable functionality, it’s easy for many to perceive them as less fashion-forward. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Below, we take a look at three handy styling tips that can help you make polarised sunglasses your next wardrobe staple.

Choose the right frames

The journey to seamlessly integrate polarised sunglasses into your wardrobe begins with the pivotal decision of choosing the right frames. This choice serves as the foundation for crafting a stylish look that balances functionality and aesthetics. For instance, you can opt for casual frames in aviator or wayfarer styles to effortlessly complement your attire for everyday looks. These timeless shapes provide a classic touch to your ensemble without overpowering your overall outfit.

However, you can also opt for larger, attention-grabbing shapes or unique designs if you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement. In this case, choosing frames designed for physical activity becomes a strategic move. The Hydra and Wind Jacket 2.0 among Oakley’s sport glasses are originally intended for surfers and skiers, respectively, with wraparound designs and large cylindrical lenses that block wind and sun glare. Set with Prizm™ technology, these sunglasses are set to make the most of any activity by enhancing colour, contrast, and detail. They’ve also long transcended their athletic origins. Notable figures like Princess Anne have embraced this trend since 1966, pairing “goggle-like” sporty frames with less muted and often monochrome outfits that lean more toward practical than the avant-garde. In a similar way, you can let the unique design of athletic sunglasses stand out as the focal point of your looks, allowing you to express your personality while harmonising your clothing choices seamlessly.

Coordinate lenses by colour

Beyond the choice of frames, the art of styling polarised sunglasses delves into the realm of colour coordination. Polarised lenses offer an array of hues that can amplify the contrast and vibrancy of your surroundings. For instance, amber-coloured lenses create a warmer look and feel by enhancing contrast. Meanwhile, green-tinted lenses shine by enhancing contrast, making them ideal for night or cloudy days. Therefore, a seamless way to incorporate polarised sunglasses into your outfit is by opting for a monochromatic look in similar hues. You can take notes from the everyday looks worn by Kendall Jenner, which often incorporate oversized amber-tinted sunglasses. In one instance, she paired the specs with a similarly oversized sweater and blazer topped with a tight tank top and blue jeans. Since only her sunglasses had any vibrant colour, they lent a stunning contrast to her overall look

You can do the same by using your polarised sunglasses to introduce a pop of colour to your outfit, as elaborated in the fashion resource Glam. Pairing purple shades with an equally vibrant yellow or lime green ensemble, for example, will add a playful and energetic touch. If you prefer a classic yet fresh look, consider wearing blue-tinted sunglasses with a snowy white top. The contrast between the cool shades and the crisp white will create an effortlessly chic appearance.

Focus on accessories

The key to a refined and impactful look that leverages polarised sunglasses lies not only in outfit coordination but, more importantly, in the strategic selection of accessories. For those inclined towards a minimalist aesthetic, minimise distractions by eschewing excessive jewellery, such as clunky rings or rattling bangles. Instead, opt for subtler accessories to avoid detracting from the frames. A small ring on one finger, a bracelet on each wrist, or a simple and understated necklace can provide that extra touch without stealing the spotlight from your eyewear. That’s probably why Anne Hathaway looked so great in her sunglasses when she attended a Versace show in 2023: with only a single silver necklace as her accessory, she was able to create a cohesive look that was minimalist yet elegant.

On the other end of the spectrum, a maximalist approach involves harmonising anything from your scarf, jewellery pieces, and hair accessories with your eyewear. Rihanna’s iconic red carpet look in 2017 serves as a prime example of this strategy. The Matrix-esque white frames with black lenses served as the anchor, complemented by layers of white bracelets and a clunky black bangle. The addition of bright green gem earrings and a matching ring showcased a cohesive yet extravagant ensemble. Otherwise, when in doubt, metallic frames can provide a versatile choice that complements different outfits without the constraint of matching accessories.

With the right frames, coordinated colours, and strategic accessory choices, polarised sunglasses can elevate your style, making them a versatile and fashionable addition to your wardrobe. Embrace the vivid world of polarised eyewear and let your sunglasses become a statement piece that protects your eyes while enhancing your overall look.

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