Leading a Successful Career Without Losing Yourself On The Way

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    May 3, 2019
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Leading a Successful Career Without Losing Yourself On The Way Women On Topp - womenontopp.com

As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus a lot on our career and business, and forget to take care of our mental and emotional health in the process. All we think about is clients, numbers, results, and slowly, we lose the flame, the little voice of creativity disappears, and one day, we find ourselves feeling empty – and exhausted. One day you’re a successful woman who’s making her dream come true, and the next one you’ve turn on your dream’s slave, working day and night to keep it alive.

It took me more than a year to realize that something was definitely wrong. People were asking me “wow your business is a success, you must be so happy?”. Well guess what, I wasn’t. A few months after the opening, the thrills of the beginning of the project were gone, and reality was hitting hard.

I was always either working, dealing with whatever problem was happening, or resting. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that opening my company is the best decision I took in my life so far, I love it and wouldn’t trade my life for any other. But I needed to make some changes, in order to keep loving it, and that meant taking care of me again. So, I set up some easy, quick and cheap habits, that you can apply to your life too. (PS: Let us know your thoughts in the comments on Women On Topp!)

1. Reading

As a huge book lover since my childhood, I never would have imagined that one day, I would stop reading. But I did. I traded reading for watching Netflix, and let my brain sink into the soft fog of boredom. I was telling myself that I needed it, to disconnect from work. But that is not a good way to disconnect, especially if it’s the only one you got.

So, I urge you, read! Whatever the books! Of course, the best is to read inspiring ones, to learn new things and educate yourself. But reading feeds your brain, even if you read silly love stories, it allows you to disconnect without feeling like crap, or like you’ve wasted your time afterwards. Plus, you can see that as an investment in yourself.

2. Moving

I’m not saying you should exercise. Even if you obviously should. I’m saying, you need to get out and see new things. I realized I get so numb when I only go to the places I know. From my apartment to my company, then from my company to the grocery store and back to my apartment! I would love to travel, but see, I have a business to run. So, I started to take long walks. I listen to music, and walk anywhere around my neighborhood. When I’ll feel like I’ve seen it all, maybe I’ll start taking my car to go walk elsewhere.

That’s an easy and free habit to set up in your schedule. Every day, once or twice a week, whenever you feel like it, remember, the important thing is to get out of your daily life, take a step (or 10 thousand) back and… breathe! It may actually help you discover a solution you were so desperate to find.

3. Be kind

Kindness is often seen as a weakness. However, I’m convinced that true, genuine kindness, is very powerful! Being nice to someone makes actually two people happy: the other person and… yourself!

Many studies have already proved the power of generosity on our bodies. Indeed, when we act with kindness, serotonin, the happiness hormone, goes up, while cortisol, the stress hormone, goes down. Basically, less stress means stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, less risk of depression, and the list goes on! So be nice! Be the nicest person you know!

And should I add, you also can (should) be nice to yourself. Be your own best friend: you wouldn’t say to your best friend she’s stupid and ugly, right? So why would you tell it to yourself? Buy yourself little gifts, whether it is an inspirational book, a massage or a scented candle. Take time to surround yourself with a cozy environment, take time to appreciate what’s good about you and about your life, and be kind to yourself.

4. Listen to music

Music is magic! With one note, it can change your mood, remind you of old times, make you wanna dance! As for books, we often forget to use music to improve our daily life.

When feeling down, the best therapy is to put on some happy music and dance! When you’re stressed before an important meeting, put on some badass tunes! And even when you feel good, dance while cooking, sing in your car like a crazy person, do your chores while performing karaoke, and see, life is funnier already.

5. Practice mindfulness

One thing that’s been a game changer for me last year, war the discovery of mindfulness. Let me explain, this is not meditation. You don’t have to sit cross legged with your eyes closed! You can actually practice mindfulness everywhere, anywhere and anytime.

Simply, try to notice little things that makes life beautiful: a pretty ray of sunshine on a flower, a happy playful dog, a couple of cute lovers, and so on. Start noticing those things, and focus a bit on them. That sunshine reflect is nice, but do you feel its warmth, also? Can you smell the delicious fresh brewed coffee? What do you hear? Try to feel the moment, to capture it with your five senses. Notice all of it, be thankful for it, then go on with your day. It takes you

10, 20 seconds maybe, but if you practice this regularly, you’ll start noticing a real improvement on your mood, I promise!

6. Smile

This is the simplest advice of all! All things considered; life is beautiful. We’re lucky to be alive, and smiling, even when forced, sends positive vibes to your brain, and actually contribute to make you happier! Plus, you probably look even more beautiful when you smile, and that doesn’t cost a thing!

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4 thoughts on “Leading a Successful Career Without Losing Yourself On The Way

  1. LOVE this list so much! I still believe we can have it all by keeping life simple withtips like those you have shared. Bravo. Best wishes for a successful business and a beautiful creative balanced life.

    1. Very good suggestions. I feel I am in a similar position and simple motivational tidbits from others help you to connect and not feel alone.

  2. Thank you so much!! I SO needed to read this. This is exactly what I’ve been going through. I still have such a passion but I’ve been feeling a bit bored with it. But now I’m going to apply these tips. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Wow! This is so “right on point”! I am at a turning point in my life in starting a business on wellness & self-care to be more resilient, and yet, I fall short too!
    This is an ongoing process 🙂

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