Ladies, Let’s Get In Formation; Write Down Your 6 Strengths

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    June 16, 2016
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We spend plenty of time focused on our weaknesses, our shortcomings, the areas in which we lack. I think we sometimes become so focused on the weaknesses we don’t take a moment to say “Go girl, you’re doing it”. Today’s lesson is: choose 6 strengths about yourself and celebrate them for the rest of the month.

Once you compile your 6 strength list, post them on every mirror in your house, send yourself an email every day with those 6 things, and lastly use these words more frequently in conversation. The more these strengths are repeated, the easier it is to begin to believe them.

Get to it ladies: write down your 6 strengths.

First things first, write this list down and post it on your blogs, your Facebook, your Instagram, put them in your bio, and email them to your job email. Do whatever is necessary with these words, so they become repetitive.

Secondly, use these words to describe yourself regularly. For example, one of my strengths is I’m dedicated. In normal conversation I’ve started to use the word dedicated more often especially when talking about myself. This way I’ll start to believe this about myself.

Third, share this list with an accountability person. Ask that person to refer to this list anytime you’re speaking badly or focusing on your weaknesses outwardly.

For the sake of this practice, I’m going to list my 6 strengths that I feel should be celebrated.

1. I’m dedicated. I commit myself to things and I give 200% to them.
2. I’m encouraging. I try hard to empower those around me.
3. I’m strong and resilient. I’ve been hurt and challenged repeatedly, yet I’m always able to get back up and go for something new.
4. I’m accomplished. At the young age 28 , I’ve managed to get 2 degrees, become a writer, start a fitness company, and maintain a full time job.
5. I’m caring and genuine. I give my all to the people I care about. I try often to help people and do what I can to push them.
6. I have a loving heart.

There you have it. Now everyone else try! Let’s celebrate our strengths!

Ashley Coleman

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