Karinna Rojas, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

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    June 15, 2020
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Transitioning from your day job and pursuing your side hustle is usually the ultimate goal. But even though taking a big leap into the unknown future can be completely terrifying, if you’re sitting at your desk daydreaming about your passions, that might be a sign you should change your day job. Security is often something everyone wishes to have; it brings comfort and bills are being paid. 

But while there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling comfortable at your current job, it could be limiting your drive and preventing you from going after what you are truly passionate about. In today’s society, there are a lot of people who are working day jobs in addition to their side hustles. While the lifestyle can be tough, it is worth every minute when you start to see your dreams come to fruition. But if you are not sure this is the right path to take, the only way you will know is by simply beginning your journey.

Meet Karinna Rojas, who started as a Senior HR Advisor after working 25+ years in the corporate world. When Rojas left her job she decided to focus on her purpose and created her own specialized HR consulting firm with the mission to support organizations and professionals globally to adapt to new challenges, embrace new ways of working, design thinking and most importantly, help new generations of talent reach their full potential. 

What does an HR Executive do? Develops and executes all human resources (HR) strategies and initiatives for an organization. These executives sit at the top of the HR structure working closely with CEOs and Leadership teams and take the lead when it comes to people’s strategy and play a key role in organizational designs and talent management to enable high-performance teams. HR Executives act as true business partners to executive teams and oversee short- and long-term human capital planning. Educate, train, monitor, problem-solve, and ensure company HR policies are fully aligned with the business vision and purpose. Additional HR Executive responsibilities include directing and overseeing the recruiting, training, developing, and managing compensation and benefits programs.

Rojas very much enjoys managing global diverse groups, and she’s strongly committed to team building, people development, and diversity. Rojas has lived in four different countries, she’s a daughter, sister, wife, and a mother who drives mindfulness in every aspect of her life.

 ‘’It was not an easy transition at first but has been so far an amazing learning experience.’’

What made you pursue your own specialized HR consulting firm?

I found myself in a unique career change situation that forced me to reflect on what really drives me and what transformation do I wanted to make as I move forward in my career.  After leveraging on my network and getting key insights from former bosses, mentors, business leaders, and former colleagues, I realized the impact and value I could create by leveraging on my 25+ year career in the people side of businesses and support the challenges and opportunities companies are facing today and build on that sustainably.   

What does your work entail?

Consultant ever-changing HR Consulting Services help organizations transform their path forward so they can unleash their abilities and potential. We provide end-to-end leadership frameworks for the most strategic aspects of an organization’s people function, including but not limited to talent management, learning, and development, talent acquisition, organizational development, executive coaching,  change management,  diversity, and inclusion.

What values are most important to you as a leader?

  • Respect to self and others. Treating others with dignity and empathy.
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity 
  • Humbleness 
  • Positive attitude
  • Decisiveness 
  • Adaptability. Super important during current uncertain times; more than ever we must be adaptable and flexible to change.

What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?

The future is uncertain for most small and medium companies due to COVID-19; the global pandemic is impacting organizations of all sizes and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) is reshaping the business environment as never before. We will be faced with new challenges and demands which are going to require new skills to adjust to ongoing change and continued disruption. 

Here is where I see an amazing opportunity as a consultant to influence the design and implementation of successful solutions by embracing new ways of working, tools, design thinking, and leadership required to navigate it successfully. 

What is most rewarding?

I’m a true believer that change, challenges, and crises bring opportunities for growth and transformation; working with diverse teams and having the opportunity to support people and organizations during their transformation process by creating new ecosystems is very rewarding for me.  

Share some tips from your past experience?

I supported the roll-out of Global – and Regional HR standards, processes, and programs which included strategic planning, coordination, and execution of global-wide programs and projects. Some tips that I always recommend to future leaders are:

 • Use intercultural sensibility. Always be conscious of how you manage yourself in a global environment. Listen to different perspectives and treat the people with whom you’re working with dignity and respect. Hear beyond words!

Create a network.  Forming cross-cultural bonds and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds, expertise and knowledge serves not only as a lead source for new businesses but as a sounding board, a support system and references when you need them. 

Leverage collaboration. Each company and each situation are unique, so even if you have an area of expertise you must appreciate and learn from different points of view and use it to grow. 

Where do you get your inspiration daily?

My inspiration comes from new opportunities, the wonderful power of change, and the amazing passionate people I’m fortunate to meet daily because of my work.

How do you stay motivated?

I’m a happy dreamer and doer; I set up my goals and work towards those, I see opportunities in the middle of chaos and practice mindfulness in every aspect of my life to learn, grow and create impact. My family and our dreams keep me going!

Share some tips for women who are in doubt of leaving their secure job and starting their own business.

Starting a new business can be scary and intimidating especially if you have been in a secure job for a long time.  So, it will be important to evaluate on what stage are you on your career, your priorities both personally and professionally, what is your main driver, what really matters, and timing… sometimes you are just waiting for the right time and then the right time finds you, then embrace that moment, and explore carefully your options. There is one guarantee, it will be difficult, and like any change, you will have your doubts and challenges, but in the end, it will be very rewarding to go after what fulfills you, so go for it!

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