Ja’Kelli: Founder & Owner Of A Beauty Powerhouse

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Ja’Kelli Unique (J. Unique) AKA Bossbabe

Not long ago, Ja’Kelli promised herself that she would spend the rest of her life doing all the things she loves. J. Unique & Co is a beauty brand supplying high-quality hair extensions, strip lashes, and eyelash extensions! The brand is a testament to all girl bosses who believe THEY CAN even when faced with adversity and tragedy.

Ja’Kelli Unique (J. Unique) AKA Bossbabe is from Anniston, AL and a college graduate of Alabama State University. She has a Bachelor’s of Theatre Arts with a concentration in Acting. She has always been inquisitive, and ready for a challenge even when she is not sure about the outcome. 

Ja’Kelli built J. Unique & Co, a beauty powerhouse that offers high-quality hair extensions, eyelash extensions, and an Eyelash Collection. Uniquely Winked is a lash company that was started from her love for lashes! Being the first in her immediate family to embark on her college journey away from home in 2013, her mother; Kelly Elston packed her up with the necessities for a first-time college student but never forgot her packs of eyelashes. Occasionally, Ja’Kelli would sell her lashes to girls in her dorm for a buck or two.

‘’I focus on the belief of education, honesty, and creating an unforgettable experience while providing top-tier products and services. Our Luxury Raw Hair Extensions are imported from its authentic origin, and is sourced and collected with the commitment of consistent quality.” 

The idea of selling hair extensions had been in the air for quite some time until she recently decided to act on it. Educating herself and searching for the highest quality of Hair Extensions one can buy, she decided to offer longevity with Raw Hair Extensions imported directly from their authentic origin. With the mission of providing the highest quality and health behind product use, she creates products that deliver the most realistic and longest lasting results in the world of lashes and beauty.

Can you describe your customers?

My customers vary depending on which business I am dwelling in at the time.

Customers from Uniquely Winked are established women who desire to save time and allow me to pamper them to the luxury service of lash extensions. Most are reserved in the lash styles they choose (natural styles). Customers from my Eyelash Collection are young women who can’t go ANYWHERE without their lashes, and love to switch their looks from day to night. I call these women my Lash Addicts.

Have you ever turned a client down?

Yes! A potential client booked an appointment with me for Eyelash Extensions. We started with her consultation, I asked her what look she desired, she expressed a “full glamorous look”. During the last part of the consultation, I examined her eye area and the state of her natural lashes to be sure she was indeed a candidate for lash extensions. However; her lid was slightly swollen, gaps were visible, and I could literally count how many natural lashes she had on one eye. I had to turn her away and suggest lash therapy, due to her lashes being severely damaged from cluster lashes.

How did you get people talking about your product?

Branding and cohesiveness! I am a stickler for branding and marketing. I educate my customers and post visuals often. I’m a beauty brand, women want to see and touch my products. Transformations are a big deal in the beauty industry. I sell the solution, as well the product.

What sacrifices have you made to become successful?

While finishing up my senior year in college, I made the decision to sell my brand new and gently worn clothes, shoes, and purses to help with funding to become a Master Lash Artist. My mother pulled pictures and furniture out of her house to help me with my yard sale. I cried but I knew if I wanted change, I had to do something I never thought of. My grandmother helped me price my items and sat with me the next morning for my yard sale. By the end, I made over half of what I needed to start training. My mother provided the rest. 

When starting your business what were the legal issues involved? How were these problems solved?

The name of my lash company was originally going to be “Winked” but after getting the logo done and applying for my business formation, there was a business with the same name but not active. Although it wasn’t active, I still could not use the name for a lengthy period of time. I had to improvise, considering my middle name is “Unique” (that really is my middle name), my significant other thought of Uniquely Winked and I loved it! We reapplied for the business formation and it was approved. Thankfully, my graphic designer was able to make the minimal change to the logo.


What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur is doing what I love on my own time and being financially compensated for it. I never have to clock in or take a break on someone else’s schedule. Another one of my favorite aspects of being an entrepreneur is the ability to work from home in my comfy pj’s while fulfilling orders and engaging with my customers. I’m free to create, nurture my brand, and watch it grow just like a baby.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

I want to attend Esthetician School and become more knowledgeable about my craft from all aspects of esthetics, as well as offer more services to my clients. Next on my agenda is hosting and training my group class of upcoming lash artists, launching my affordable Hair Collection, and traveling to host and train in different cities. Continuing to evolve as a business woman, I plan to consistently lead and display the true essence of what it means to believe even when you cannot understand God’s plan.

What are the main principles you follow to build successful customer relations?

Honesty, Under promise but Overdeliver, Consistency

These three principles are what has kept me relevant, positioning me as an expert in my industry. My customers know that I am highly educated on my products. Going the extra mile for my customers unexpectedly and making them feel special makes all the difference.



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