Interview With Mahriana smith, a Model, an Author of Children’s Books, & a Journalist

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    November 19, 2021
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Interview With Mahriana smith, a Model, an Author of Children’s Books, & a Journalist

Meet Mahriana Smith, a model, an author of children’s books, and a journalist. (@maybemahri). Mahriana created a media platform known as TrooMe ( The purpose of TrooMe is to inspire and uplift the readers. TrooMe shares stories of strength in stumbling, bravery in becoming, and the use of people’s voices as a positive influence. 

Mahriana has interviewed many influential individuals, from today’s leading philosophers to sports superheroes; T.V personalities as well as internet personalities. Such of which being Kevin Love, Kenan Thompson, Jason Silva and so many more for TrooMe.

TrooMe believes in a ‘practice makes imperfect’ philosophy. ‘’There are many things in life that just weren’t meant for us, there are also so many things that were, some known and some waiting to be discovered. But practice makes imperfect, and that’s exactly what we are; perfectly imperfect and truly trying.’’

TrooMe’s mission is to inspire and empower those in search of self, and to serve as a reminder that we are all the same. ‘’Just like me they went through pain, just like me they don’t have all of the answers, and just like me they still don’t.’’

Today we discuss Mahriana’s story and message through Women On Topp.

What motivated you to start TrooMe

I was drawn to creating an outlet in which voices of inspiration and the overcoming of challenges could be easily accessed and shared.  During the pandemic, there was so much fear.  We all were scared; the whole world was scared; we needed to connect with one another somehow.   And in my world, the best way to do that is through conversation and storytelling.  

I truthfully believe that when a story is told, a beautiful window of opportunity opens in which we can place ourselves into the experiences and the shoes of another, creating a sense of community and connection.  

What inspired you to start working for yourself?

Gosh, well since I was younger, I’ve always been a bit of a black sheep and a lone wolf in a sense.  I lived by a golf course growing up and golf balls would always get lost in the woods behind my house; so, when I was 8 years old, I had the idea to sell the golf balls back to the golfers along with lemonade.  

It’s funny. I think it comes back down to connecting with people  I wanted to meet people one on one and address problems at the root level, as opposed to taking orders and direction; so, working for someone was never in my path. 

If you could give one piece of advice to future students, what would it be?

I think it would be to always be yourself.  We were all put here for a unique and different purpose.  I think of it like puzzle pieces, were all pieces to a bigger whole, differing and special in our own ways; no two puzzle pieces are the same, and that’s why they all fit together so flawlessly to create the bigger, more beautiful picture.  

Share us tips on becoming a happier healthier person?

It all comes down to knowing yourself and honoring yourself.  If my body is tired, I take a rest.  If I’m in a bad mood, rather than looking for a quick dopamine rush on Instagram or pick me up; I do things that in the long run, will benefit myself as a whole.  Whether it be journaling, running, yoga, cooking a meal, or turning my phone off. I think looking to external things for the ‘feeling good sensation’, are short-lived and less sustainable than putting time and energy into ourselves and our needs on a deeper level.  

What tips do you have for those who want to renew their life as in new job, moving, etc? 

Honestly, I try and live by a few simple sentences when it comes to battling with what my heart wants and what seems ‘reasonable’, and it’s, ‘if not now then when, if not me then who?’ 

This quote really motivates me to take those first few steps in whatever direction I long to walk in.  We have this one beautiful life, and I think of it like a blank canvas, we splash colours with each experience and design it how we live our lives.  At the end of my life, I want to see a beautiful and messy piece of art.  Not a drawing that I was needed to stay inside of the lines.  

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be? 

I would tell myself to slow down.  When I become interested in something I really go headfirst, all in, and I often forget to enjoy the ride.  There’s no rush when it comes to building a platform, a business or a relationship for that matter.  

Do it properly and lay the bricks that will withstand the tests of time.  

What sacrifices have you had to make during your life?

They’re small sacrifices with big rewards I believe.  Not going out with friends and saying no to invitations.  It comes back down to happiness and health and pouring your time and energy into that which is more withstanding.  When I’m in a work mode mindset, nothing can distract me, and I make choices based on the long run rewards.  But it’s funny, you do it for long enough, and you become addicted to waking up early and keeping your routine. 

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why?

Meditation. Meditation gives you the realization that we are not our thoughts. It puts space between our minds and our bodies and allows us to fall into this sacred realm of being the witness.     

Meditation has helped me connect with myself on such a deep level, an unearthly level.  

For myself, meditation is both a vacation and a return home.  It’s freeing but also soothing, and it’s been there all along, we just have to breathe into it.  

If you had 6 extra hours in your day, what would you do?

I would reach out more to friends and family.  I’m a bad texter, I’ve never been a fan of group chats or constantly checking my phone; so sometimes, I just don’t do it, and I forget to reach out to people or reply to friends.  

So, I would probably reserve a few of those 6 hours to make phone calls and write letters people.  I’ve also been wanting to learn sign language for a while, but it’s difficult to make time for it when my schedule’s crazy, so maybe I would hire a language coach to come over and help me out with that.   

Do you believe in destiny, or do you think you can control your fate?

I love this question.   I believe that we’re all born with special gifts that attribute to whom we are destined to be.  But we have the choice whether we use our gifts and talents to bring us closer to who we’re destined to become.  I believe that everything does happen for a reason, and always to our own benefit – even the most challenging of situations have lessons for us. 

But it comes down to our decisions, how we choose to respond to certain scenarios, and if we choose to learn from them.  

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