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    April 26, 2019
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Does success make people jealous? womenontopp WOmen On Topp
by Eunice Chan

Is Your Success Making People Jealous?

There's a part of everyone's success journey that nobody likes to talk about. We celebrate all the achievements we are recognized for; we laugh and cry about all the leaps, jumps, breaking down, breaking through, shedding, rebuilding, and everything in between.

Inside The Story of A Family Business Takeover

When a business remains in the family for generations, you will likely feel a mix of pride and pressure to take over the company. After all, you probably have the same entrepreneurial drive and it can be a great way to jumpstart your career path. Should you start your own company or take over the family business? Both come with their own sets of pr

Your At-Home Remedy For Yeast Infections & BV

What goes through your mind when you think about boric acid? If you're like many people, you know this compound most for its use in pest control. The thought of using a dangerous chemical that kills pests to treat bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections may sound downright frightening.
A Broken Hair Brush Blows Up Into A Million Pound​ Idea

A Broken Hair Brush Blows Up Into A Million Pound​ Idea

Rebecca launched Pro Blo Group with a dream, drive, passion and a product she believed would revolutionize the way women blowout their hair or as they call it in the U.K, ‘blow dry’ their hair. Rebecca was convinced that there was a gap in the market for women who wanted to achieve that salon look but couldn’t afford the time or cost, so she set ab
Single Mother’s Day
by Simi Fromen

Single Mother’s Day

Being a single mother can have its challenges. For one, all the weight is on you when you have your children with you. And even those whose husbands aren’t around as much, they at least have a soundboard to go to when challenges come up or the simple grind of every day life.

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