Incredibly Easy Ways To Be Taken Seriously

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What’s more important than be taken seriously? Imagine you are going to a business meeting or somewhere to network for business. You really want to make sure that everyone you see around is going to take you seriously.

Are people blowing off what you are saying and not really taking you seriously? Maybe you joke around a bit too much or made a mistake that others won’t let you live down. No matter the reason, you need others’ respect to be successful. Learn to be taken seriously by being assertive, commanding respect, and avoiding the mistakes you made in the past.

Keep your private life personal

At work especially, avoid sharing intimate details about your personal life. Avoid talking about sex, in particular. Share that you have a partner, but avoid discussing the fights between you two. Focus instead on discussing work or more lighthearted topics like TV shows or music.

Listen more

When you listen to a person who is talking about their experiences, jobs or anything else, they will realize that they can tell you anything. This is a way of bonding, they will know you are listening to them. Listening to people more often will make them take you seriously.

Dress well

The good news is you don’t always have to wear gray or black. It is about showing you took the time to look that way, being put together. It’s not about the shape of your body or hair or from which designer your clothes are from. Just pay attention to look like the best-dressed person.

Shaking hands

If you try your best, to impress and to look good.. Please do not give a weak handshake, it will immediately make you look less powerful. It is so important to give a good handshake! So make a handshake matter while you are having eye contact.

Expansive posture

Don’t have a sloppy posture, if you know what we mean. Even if you are sick, feel bad or sad.. We all have less great days, where we don’t feel well. Your posture has a huge effect on the way you feel, so if you feel bad and act like it, you will continue to feel bad. Don’t forget to take an expansive pose all the time, it will make you look way more powerful and strong. This way people will take you seriously.

Keep your knowledge up to date

Knowing about everything that happens in this world, will be a huge impact on getting people to take you more seriously. If you are not so up to date with anything going on the news, then try to be up to date about everything in the business you work in. Speak intelligently.

Avoid speaking negatively about others

Even when your friends or co-workers are gossiping about others, avoid doing so. Change the subject or walk away. This will show that you take your morals seriously. If your coworkers start bashing your boss, say “Hey, did y’all see last night’s episode of Game of Thrones? It was awesome.”

Be ridiculously prepared

Be always prepared, not being prepared is one of the professional world’s least respectable traits, if not worst. If you have new ideas, be prepared and informed more than anyone else. What we try to say, you need to develop an incredibly deep knowledge of your subject area.

Tell people stories

Sometimes you need to be personal because otherwise, you are not connecting with people and this way you won’t be taken seriously. Don’t always come with numbers, it won’t impress anyone, just tell a story.

Arrive early

Show that you mean business by arriving five to ten minutes early for any meeting or appointment you might have. This shows that you respect your time and the time of others. This applies to professional settings. It is typically okay to be a few minutes late to parties and other social events.

Primp in the restroom only

Sometimes the folks taken the least seriously are those who seem a little too invested in their physical appearance. Avoid applying makeup or fixing your hair in public; try to do so in the restroom instead. Avoid looking into every mirror you pass or taking selfies often.

Speak up when you disagree

If someone is being rude to others or suggest something that is wrong, speak up for what you believe. Do so in a respectful and kind manner. This will show to others that you have integrity and that you’re willing to fight for what’s right. For instance, your boss might suggest paying the new female coworker less than the male staff because of her gender. Let him know that this is not okay and that she deserves equal pay to do equal work.

Follow through on what you say

The most effective way to be taken seriously is to be seen as a person who follows through on what they say. If you declare you’re going to do something, do it! Forget giving reasons for why you failed. If you want to be the ‘go-to’ guy or girl, don’t come up short

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