How to Make Work Part of Your Happily Ever After Story

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    July 23, 2019
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How to Make Work Part of Your Happily Ever After Story women on Topp

Six simple keys to unlocking your dream-come-true career. Have you considered that you spend over half of your waking hours working? Time is so precious. Are you happy with how you are spending it? 

If not, fear not. 

You are in control of your own story. And while it’s not as easy as wishing upon a star, there are some magically simple steps you can take to move forward in your career and be happier in the process. 

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If you are up for real transformation and a life-changing adventure, here are six keys to unlocking your full career potential:

What’s Your Dream?

First, you have to know what your dream is to have any chance of actually making it come true. Have you allowed yourself the time to clearly define your ultimate dream career? 

Let’s start at the beginning- your once upon a time. Your origins are the roots of your strengths. There are lots of hints if you go back in time and remember situations in which you were most proud. Experiences in which you felt pure joy. Times when you were shining. These are clues to your destiny.

Once you can clearly articulate what your dream career is, visualize it in deep detail. How does it feel? Write it down. Clearly defining your dream is an important first step in bringing it to life.

Say it out loud 

Next you have to share it. Don’t be shy. Tell everyone. Start with your family and friends. If some laugh or try to talk you out of it, that’s awesome. That means your dream is big enough.  

Saying it out loud becomes a commitment to yourself. You are inviting others to join and support you. And, you are putting your intention out into the universe. 

Believe You Can

Sadly, this is the hardest part for some. You have to really, truly deeply believe you can. If you don’t believe in you, nobody else is going to. You also have to believe you deserve it. 

It takes a lot of confidence and discipline to keep moving toward your dream. Hopefully you have decided to stretch outside your comfort zone. Don’t worry if you need some training. There is so much free education online and via podcasts. You could also get a mentor. If you need formal training, remember you and your dream are worth investing in. 

Rally Your Relationships

While you have to be your own hero, it’s impossible to be successful all alone. And what fun would that be?

Make a daily habit of reaching out to people in your network. Call someone just to say hi and thank them for the role they play in your life. Reach out and offer support to someone you know who is going through a tough time. Ask for exactly what you need too. People love to help each other. 

With Linkedin, it’s easy to find people doing exactly what your dream is. Expand your network. Surround yourself with like-minded people who will inspire and lift you higher. 

Practice Positivity

Positivity is a super power. Be sure your energy is always positive.

A fun and simple way to to create a positive personal brand is to select three words that define the person you want to be. And then no matter what happens, that’s how you show up. Whether it’s a challenge or an opportunity, use and live your words. This also becomes a mantra and a way for you to coach yourself. 

Master Self Motivation

It would be amazing if your boss would gallop up on a white horse and save you, but that’s not likely. Sure, people will help but you have to decide what you want to do and be the one to take the bold steps to get you there.

Be very aware of a potential shocking twist in your story. You could unknowingly be the villain. That’s right. You may be the one holding you back and putting obstacles and excuses in the way.

Ensure you are the hero by making bold courageous moves forward every day. Even when you are afraid, just keep going. Bold moves mean, gulp, you could fail. But don’t worry failure is an important part of any good fairy tale. How else will you learn? 

Most of us know deep down what’s holding us back and what we need to do.  Write a MUST DO list and make at least 3 story changing moves every day.


Whether you are just getting started, eager to get ahead or ready to make a major change, we all deserve a career that is part of our happily ever after.

Take the time to develop your dream, share it with the world, believe you can and start using these keys to success to move forward. Only you have this power. Only you can make your dreams come true.

I hope this article inspires a new beginning for you. Have fun creating your own happily ever after.

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Eva Steortz

Eva is an enthusiastic, results-oriented go-getter and Chief Inspiration Officer of her own company, Vita Creativa.

She has done marketing consulting with every major entertainment studio following a 20-year dream-come-true-career at the Walt Disney Company where her accountabilities included strategic brand planning, consumer marketing, retail marketing, promotions and sales.

Eva’s anything-is possible attitude and saucy southern charm comes from growing up in West Virginia. She recently published a career advice book called FROM THE OUTHOUSE TO THE MOUSE HOUSE, CRAP YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR A DREAM-COME-TRUE-CAREER.

To relax, Eva enjoys gardening, yoga and drinking champagne as needed.

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