How To Make The Most Of The Information From Instagram For Personal Development

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    June 21, 2022
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How To Make The Most Of The Information From Instagram For Personal Development women on topp

We live in a time when we are blessed with information on fingertips and with Instagram emerging as a pioneer in info sharing via feeds daily by large amount of brands, small businesses, variety of influencers sharing authentic data tips and tricks, travels, etc we are constantly shown with the updates of the interests that we chose to follow.

But, how many times have we revisited a knowledge or an activity which we saved or missed to save? How many times have we missed upon an influencer or a page that which are following but due to Instagram algorithm changes? We must have wondered several times about a post that was shown in the feed but was missed later and couldn’t access it again until we track back the memory or go to accounts and check the posts manually to get the post back

This article serves as a basic guide and helps users who are not just looking for entertainment from multi-sources but to revisit, learn, apply, or read back or refer to the favorite post of their interest!

If possible, have a second account for only following the important interests.

Usually, a standard Instagram Profile has friends, family, colleagues, and celebrities, along with the pages of Interest. We see all their updates along with the useful content, this slows down the efficiency and importance of viewing the accounts that are relevant to our growth or skills or learning

Have a different private account that helps in only keeping the Instagram Profiles that can contribute to your growth and skill learnings. 

The fewer the accounts higher the chances of you not missing up on all important data that you need to view.

If you are to opt for the single account which has your personal contacts as well then try to keep the engagement (likes, comments and tags to save) of learning purpose accounts so that they be visible more to you as much as the best friend’s posts!

Have a monthly review of the “following” list

Once you add the pages, the Instagram algorithm shows certain posts to your feeds to check how much do you engage with them, pause the scroll for screen time and over the period of time once you’re viewing or participating with like or comments or tags declines the visibility is pushed back automatically and shown lesser, 

So by reviewing the followers list you can revive the profiles that still interest you with some likes or save their posts 

Remove the accounts from the following list which is no longer is relevant to you

This helps in data elimination on feeds and more significant data will be shown to you that is in alignment with your interests. 

This is a great way to minimalize the data overdosing every day from multiple sources which are not any fascinating on daily basis but just time-consuming and increase your screen time overall 

Try to keep only what matters in your “following list”

  • Know your keen interest and purpose add only the accounts to your list of following that matches your interest currently.
  • For the varied secondary passions use post tags to save them by not following the hunch to add them immediately. When you save the post from a certain source they are shown to you by the general Instagram browse feed for sometime
  • Always follow the accounts of your interest with no repetitive data, two accounts that cater to similar messages each day in two different formats need to be eliminated and keep one that matters more than the other.
  • Follow the accounts that posts regularly or are active enough to get you content that you need more than twice a week and active story sharing as well must be checked out for

Saving the content into folders

Instagram has this category maker when it comes to saving, you can custom name the folders of the saves and make sure you add your saved posts to the particular folder

This helps in easy revisits and easy access of data that is relevant to you and can remove from the saves once it has served its purpose. Clean and clutter-free organizing of posts that need attention

Take advantage of notifications

Always turn on Notifications of the Profiles both post and stories that is most important to you

Take advantage of mute options

Turn off or Mute the accounts that you don’t need to see at the moment, you don’t want them to not be in your visibility for a while chose to turn them into mute posts/stories

These are some head starts to help you with the usage of Instagram feeds to make it joyous, clutter-free and organized purposeful viewing.

Written by: Chitra M.

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