How To Improve The Visibility Of Your Business On Instagram

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    September 1, 2020
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With a successful strategy, Instagram can be a great way to market your business, grab the attention of your current customers, and retain new customers. According to a study by Yotpo, users spend significantly more than 40% more time on Instagram than on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

This means that Instagram marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, using your business Instagram account successfully isn’t always easy. Of course, it is quite easy to create an account, but after that, it can seem complicated to make your business and brand stand out and gain new followers.

The trick is actually to always keep the Instagram algorithm in mind and build loyalty with your audience. But what kind of content works on Instagram and what kind doesn’t? Read on for the best ways to improve your Instagram strategy and grow your business.

Use videos and encourage people to comment more

Videos allow your audience to spend a few extra seconds watching your video, which is more likely to result in post-engagement, and specifically, comments. This is also the strategy that celebrities use, regardless of their specialty. A good business account should have at least one medium-sized account, with between 50,000 and 100,000 subscribers to achieve the desired effect.  Once in that range, videos are the best strategy to adopt.

Always write clear and concise captions 

For all Instagram business accounts, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary explanations and embellishments and get to the bottom of it. While you might want to write a more detailed caption, try to be synthetic. According to multiple studies on the subject, ten words or less is the best choice .

Try to use emojis

With your short, concise caption, add emojis, emojis, and more emojis. It’s a fact, the posts with the best engagement rates have an average of around 20 emojis! So what you have to express in words, try to transcribe it into emojis. Think of emoticons as an integral part of the language of the Instagram community.

Emojis may seem lacking in seriousness, but they are a universal and youthful language that is immediately attached to emotions of sympathy. Consider using them in your corporate posts

Use location marking

This point is easy to overlook, but geographic markup has two main advantages. If you have a physical location, that means people can find you quickly, so you will bring customers straight back to you.

If you are a digital business, using location tagging can also make digital research easier for you. This option helps put a face to a name and users like to know who is behind the message. Location labeling means the locals are aware of your services too. Someone can identify themselves somewhere, have a click to see what was posted there, and then find your business at random.


These points, despite their innocuous air, are in fact very important to the success of your business. Small adjustments can lead to a very different level of engagement. It can be as easy a gesture as editing your captions or placing a few images in a single post rather than using them for several separate posts. Like any other marketing strategy, you’re going to have its ups and downs, but if you use data to your advantage, you’ll see a rapid increase in engagement.

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