How To Hire TypeScript Developers: Comprehensive and Vital Guidelines For Employers

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    November 29, 2022
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What are the guidelines when you are planning to hire a TypeScript developer? See, hiring TypeScript developers is not that much of a challenge if you know how to hire them. If you think the only method of getting a custom-made TypeScript solution is by employing tech specialists, then you are on the right page. We have some good news for you. Keep reading this blog till the end. 

The war of getting hands-on top TypeScript developers is booming all over the world. But why is that? Because TypeScript offers benefits that are redefining the IT industry. From access to ES6/ES7 to the ability to compile to Javascript version followed by optional static typing, TypeScript is revolutionizing the world. Entities like Slack, Airbnb, and many others realized the prospect of this technology, allowing them to service their customers at their full potential. 

If you are interested in reading a detailed piece on how to hire TypeScript developers, navigate to the link that is given. Let’s talk about the guidelines that you can follow. 

How To Hire a TypeScript Developer- The 4R Points To Follow

Before starting this guide, let us tell you that you have to be clear about the project deliverables. For effective hunting, startups and businesses generate a detailed job outline. And that is exactly what you should do. You can land your potential TypeScript developer by following these vital guidelines. 

Rule No 1: Find a Time zone that fits your schedule

Can you afford a time difference of 8+ between you and TypeScript developers for hire? Well, the train will be a long pass before you realize that there is an issue with the application. 

What we are trying to tell you is there should be a maximum difference of 2 hours between you and the TypeScript developer you are going to hire. For instance, European businesses tend to prefer Ukrainian outsourcing companies because the time difference is about 2 hours. Whereas the Americanos go for TypeScript developers from Latin America and Canada. The point is when you are going to hire top TypeScript developers, make sure that their time zone meets your requirements so that everyone can stay on the same page. 

Rule No 2: Select the Right Tech Destination

When you are trying to hire a TypeScript 2 developer, it is evident that you are trying to develop something that hasn’t been made before. And, for that, you will need someone capable enough in every aspect (including infrastructure, resources, and capability).

The rule is to find a place where you can get all three. Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, is one of those destinations that has witnessed a great technological revolution. If you hire a TypeScript developer from such areas, it is guaranteed that you will get what you want. 

Rule No 3: Keep a Check on Cultural Norms

Whenever a company is outsourcing a project, the idea behind doing it is to achieve maximum efficiency. However, there is one thing to check, and that is cultural fit. Suppose you have a TypeScript developer from China. Now, the issue is Chinese have their own holidays and events. Such things can lead to delays in project completion. So, the point is to check whether the Javascript developer has cultural norms or not. If yes, then you have to co-op with that. 

Rule No 4: Take Expertise in Recruitment Agencies

The best guideline that we can give you is getting the expertise of recruitment agencies if you are trying to hire top TypeScript developers. See, countries like Ukraine have perfected the way people hire outstaffing and outsourcing services. Such agencies can help you in landing a perfect TypeScript developer.

Wrapping Up

TypeScript is one of those platforms that is redefining the way of developing state-of-the-art software. However, if you want to hire a TypeScript developer, you’ll have to do a lot of work. That is because the fight for this talent hunt has reached the point where everyone is going insane. But you don’t have to go insane because we’ve got your back. 

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