How to Have People Around You With Pure Intentions

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    April 6, 2022
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How to Have People Around You With Pure Intentions women on topp

Do you ever wonder what it means to have people around you who have pure intentions for you? 

Often, we meet people in the course of our lives, or have had them in our lives for years so we never question their intention. My parents used to say, “Be careful who you keep around you” and I never quite understood what that meant until a lot later in life. 

What it means to have pure intentions

When someone has a pure intention for you, it means that there is no benefit to them in the outcome of a situation. It means there is enough freedom and love to only want the best for you, whether it involves them or not. It means that they’re operating at a level outside of their ego-self and when we operate from our higher self, we’re able to see things from a place of love for the other. 

When it becomes about self

It’s easy to do and we see it all the time, where when someone shares news or talks about their goals – the others often compare themselves to see how they measure up or try to demotivate or throw up obstacles because they’re busy thinking about what the success of someone else leaves them feeling about their situation. It’s almost as though they don’t want others to grow if they’re not growing. You want to avoid being that woman! The one who makes it all about herself and where she’s at in life instead of truly being there for her friend, colleague, or family member and making it about what’s best for them and their growth. 

Think back to a situation where a colleague came to you with something… did you automatically think about how it impacted you? Let’s say a colleague you’ve known for years came to you and said, “I’m thinking of taking a position in another city and I’ve found this great opportunity.” Where does your mind go? Does it go to how this will impact your work life or who will be joining your team and what the dynamic might be like? Or do you start a conversation to understand more and to begin to see why the role makes sense for your colleague?

Changing the play 

The same could apply to friends and family members. To ensure you have people around you with pure intentions, you may have to be the one to change the game. When you display and demonstrate that you have the best interests for someone else, then you open up to allow those around you to observe this behaviour and learn from it. When we stop making everyone else’s situations or circumstances about ourselves, we give space for people in our lives to make choices and decisions that feel good to them without having to consider everyone else or falling into the people-pleaser role. 

Supporting each other

It’s important that we create a safe space and support each other as women. The energy we put out and receive back drives us or brings us to a halt, so we need to take care to ensure we have people with pure mindsets in our circles. What you’ll notice is that there will often be people who are either operating from a growth mindset, and so are taking action towards self-development, or have already achieved what you’re trying to so there is no fear or self-pity in their intentions for you. 

Moving on up

When you truly start moving and operating from this higher level of wanting the best for others, it will be easy to identify those who operate from their ego-self instead of their higher-self. It’s then up to you to decide how much time you want or can give to them or you’ll naturally begin to drift because you’re no longer resonating with the frequency they’re operating from. 

If we all operated from a place of pure intention for others, imagine the type of society we would live in. Where we all have the freedom to make choices with genuine support from each other, creating an environment built on trust. 

Divya Chandegra

Divya Chandegra is a global agency programme director turned life and wellness guide. Teaching clients how to resolve childhood conditioning and re-connect with their true Self to create the life they deserve to live through conscious living.

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