How To Earn Money Online: 5 Effective Strategies

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    September 14, 2020
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The internet offers numerous earning opportunities. You just need to learn how to enhance your skills and know-how to “sell” them at best. From selling ebooks to teaching with webinars to selling online, here are the possible solutions.

How to invent a job from home

We often hear that if there is no work, we have to invent it. Lately, there has been a proliferation of new professions linked to the digital world, which until a few years ago did not even exist, all thanks to the Internet where, notoriously, you can find everything, including work. 

Even now, there is no mention of an occasional job to support oneself. We talk about getting rich and living only on our skills by exploiting ideas and peculiarities. Who among us does not have a natural talent, or is really good at something? What you have to do is to make yourself earn by getting paid for what you know how to do; teaching, advising, and helping those who would like to improve or have a dream to realize.

On the web, there are a thousand ideas to make money systematically and effectively, without too much effort and in a completely legal way. To begin, it is appropriate to look in the mirror and understand what we are good at and what we can teach.


To teach, especially on the net, you need to be very expert and (almost) search-proof on Google. But being an expert is not enough because the world of the web is very fast and constantly moving, so you also need to be up to date. It would be best to be innovative as all these qualities bring credibility (essential for bloggers, writers, and opinion leaders) and authority (also good for being found on the net) and allow you to have all the possibilities to stand out from the crowd and guarantee a profit.

The means to achieve a passive income can be different, for example, a very popular blog that can contain ads and bring high commissions, ebooks, video courses, or information products that are snapped up on the various marketplaces, or have the eyes of large companies on you, will be able to guarantee the favor of its loyal audience of readers.


Surely, the most suitable target market for  earning money with one’s intellectual work is the web. In recent years, many have managed to make large revenues by creating original editorial products to sell on the Net.

First of all, ebooks are a first source of income and an opportunity to engage a customer and convince him to buy more advanced (and expensive) services.


Then come the online courses, more specific but which guarantee higher revenues. From the course, which is usually video, other ideas can then arise such as  webinars ,  podcasts  or webinars which can then be collected in an ebook and published.

Once you have acquired a certain authority and have a certain following, you can try to create online or physical events in which to hold real lessons. This earning option can become very profitable if you manage to  advertise courses well, keep organizational expenses under control and manage to put an ever-increasing number of people in the classroom (or in front of the screen).


If you do not want to take the path of online teaching, there are two other possible ways of earning on the web: the  supply of software or digital services. To monetize your work with software, you need very specific and advanced technical skills. But not only that, because now on the web there are applications, plugins and open source programs that are able to do anything and solve all kinds of problems.

Fortunately, however, the market is crowded but not saturated. So if you raise your antennas and understand where you can make your contribution, the doors become open for a guaranteed income.

Those who do not have the skills of a programmer but the same experience in some fields can turn to online services by becoming a coach, consultant or virtual assistant. It is a business that is easy to build and inexpensive to maintain but which can prove to be a great source of income as long as you can maintain your specificity to outpace the competition.


Finally, there is the good old e-commerce, which Amazon and its other competitors have revived after the specter of failure.In the new era of e-commerce, everyone can play a role and carve out their own slice (or niche) of the market. There is no easy money in this sector either. It takes a lot of dedication, a good idea and a great organizational and entrepreneurial spirit.

On the web, there are many tools to sell online, manage product orders and reach customers; you just have to find the right way, as others have done in the past.

Now that I have revealed some of the main opportunities to make money online, are you ready to choose yours? 

Victoria Edeme

Victoria Edeme is a freelance SEO copywriter, social media manager, and content creator. She has great experience in business, and lifestyle related articles, and therefore, is open to opportunities. She uses her writings as a tool for social change and all-round development. See more of her works on Muck Rack.

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