How To Boss Motivate Yourself On Off Days

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    April 4, 2021
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Yes, we have all been there. We have all experienced some form of demotivation in our lives. However, this is normal. Sometimes life throws us that curveball and things can get tough or we wind up faced with a difficult challenge. We might find ourselves questioning why we even started in the first place. We might not even have the energy to continue. Nevertheless, you cannot let that get you down. And, if coffee hasn’t helped you out already, here are a few pointers that could.

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Get Positive

It may be difficult to try to find the positive in a situation. But, being around people who know what you have been working towards can actually be a good thing. Receiving positive confirmation from others and inspiration can be a great source to staying positive. Think of how far you have come and allow your loved ones to push you during this time. Seek motivation from others as a reminder of what you have been working so hard towards achieving.

Get Rewarded

This is a great time to look back at how far you have come. Celebrate the journey as well as your successes along the way no matter how small they may seem. Bust out that stash of chocolate you were hiding and indulge yourself. Get moving, go out dancing, shopping, to the spa or get your nails done. It is an instant pick-me-up and you will feel lighter and happier and would have rewarded yourself in the process as well.

Get Reminded 

When faced with a tough situation, take a moment to yourself and breathe. Think of why you started in the first place. Remind yourself of your goals, why you started, what you want to achieve and where you are heading to in the end. This will instantly remind you of why you are doing what you are doing. Remember, if it were easy, everyone would have been doing it. Pursuing your passion isn’t easy and often times leads to lonely days and lonely nights. But, the reward at the end is the best satisfaction and always remember this. 

Get Out

Leave your desk for a while and head out. Take a stroll down the street or a walk in the park. Wander along the beach, visit a florist, or go jogging while listening to your favorite tunes. Surrounding yourself by everyday beauty can actually ease your stress and rejuvenate your body. Use this time as self-relaxation and just stop the mind chatter. Enjoy the beauty of nature and be grateful of the life you are leading. There is a plan and a path for you and you are following it. 

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Sheinna Mungroo

A South African native undertaking her Master’s in Human Resource Management. Her primary objective is balancing the needs and goals of both the company and the workforce to create a harmonious employee-and business-centric atmosphere whilst improving the standing of women in upper management. She’s an avid lover of books, fashion, beauty, the arts, flowers and cool notebooks. She was also a Finalist for the Miss India South Africa 2017 pageant. Sheinna believes in exploring as many creative streams in life as this is a form of expression and a link between our internal and external worlds. When she’s not painting up a storm, she loves exploring new cafés and chocolate desserts. 

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One thought on “How To Boss Motivate Yourself On Off Days

  1. Hi,
    Great information for remotivation! As a mental health therapist I find myself utilizing some of these same ideas. “Remember, if it were easy, everyone would have been doing it.” I’m a firm believer that women must motivate other women.

    Blessings Shockie Dersno, MSPC,LAC

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