How to Handle Sexist Men in the Business World

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    December 29, 2015
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“This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” This oh so famous line by James Brown  has become more and more important everywhere, especially in the business world. Having more women in high positions nowadays is more important than ever. Although not all men are pleased with this thought of women overpowering them, so this is how we handle resentful men in the business world.

  1. Cut them off with smart comebacks

When someone throws a sexist comment at you and you cut them off saying something smart , you are showing everyone in the room that you are above them, that you will not lower yourself to their level. That kind of confidence will shut them up immediately and you will walk away owning the situation.  I, personally, am a big fan of sarcasm. While being funny, you are also putting those men into place, which shows independence and sense of humour.

  1. Confront Them

Don’t act emotional but point them to their flaws. Tell them that they are being sexist and tell them that think about what they have been saying. Show them that there have been set boundaries in certain relationships and that they have to be respected at all times. Educate the misinformed. We live in a world where sexism is almost common and we are getting used to it. It’s been like that since the very beginning of human kind. That’s why we need to stand up for ourselves and teach some simple minds how we deserve to be treated and that that isn’t the way we were treated in the past. Reacting this way changes the dynamic of relationships and creates tons of respect.

  1. Be the Best You

The only way you can sell yourself is if you truly believe in yourself.  If you know what you stand for, you value your self-worth and are aware of the intelligent, hard-working person, you are, then you won’t let anyone make disrespectful comments towards you. If you know what you have to offer, so will everyone else.


By: Pauline Evelyn

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