How Does the Menstrual Cycle Affect Emotional Life?

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    February 23, 2023
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How Does the Menstrual Cycle Affect Emotional Life?

Have you been feeling moody, and you’re not sure why? Perhaps you’ve been feeling an elevation in your mood without a rhyme or reason for why? One of the most common causes of changes in a woman’s mood can be directly related to her menstrual cycle. If you’ve been experiencing changes to your mood, or you’ve always wanted to know why you seemed so moody or happy at certain times of the month, then keep reading to discover how the menstrual cycle can play a significant part in a woman’s emotional life. 

Floating on Cloud Nine

 The first menstrual cycle phase is known as the “follicular phase,” and it can last from 10 to 14 days. During this time, the hormone estradiol begins to grow and increase. Estradiol is responsible for calming down the development of more intense hormones, such as adrenaline, during this time of the month, which can relieve PMS stress and anxiety. The follicle-stimulating hormone is also responsible for growing follicles in the ovaries, where the eggs are contained in the woman’s body. Women are more likely to be happy or excited during this menstrual cycle phase because of the hormones that are released at this time. If you notice yourself smiling more at the beginning of your cycle, you know it’s because you are producing happy hormones that help you get through the challenging parts of the follicular phase. 

Burning Up

 The second phase of the menstrual cycle is known as the ovulatory phase. During this phase, a substance known as luteinizing hormone increases its production. Luteinizing hormone is responsible for getting eggs to release from the fallopian tubes in order to be fertilized. And since plenty of estradiol is being produced at this time, luteinizing hormone mixes with estradiol, increasing the woman’s libido, or sex drive, in the process. Estradiol also makes insulin more effective, which releases more testosterone into the body. Because testosterone pushes the sex drive, it’s believed that a woman is most sexually driven during her ovulatory stage. If you can’t help but notice that your husband seems more appealing during the middle of your cycle, then you can give a big thanks to estradiol!

The “Yucky” Stage

The last, and typically the least favorite, stage of the menstrual cycle is called the Luteal stage. During this stage, the uterus prepares itself for the possible implantation of an embryo, which is the whole point of the menstrual cycle, to begin with. The body does this by secreting the hormone progesterone, which thickens the uterus lining and prepares itself for the implanted embryo. Unfortunately, this stage is also a period where a woman tends to get the moodiest with those around her and feels the yuckiest, in a general sense. Because women tend to feel the worst during this stage, they surround themselves with favorite things like chocolate and soft blankets. 

It goes without saying that a woman’s body goes through a tremendous number of changes each month. From the follicular phase, which can make women feel the happiest, to the luteal stage, which makes women feel the worst, it’s impressive that a woman can experience such a wide range of intense emotions in such a short period. If you or someone you love have difficulty going through the phases each month, remember what you learned here today. The woman’s body is experiencing tremendous changes each month, and it’s no surprise that she can get moody from time to time. Try to relax, breathe, and remember it’s just a stage that will repeat itself every month. 

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