Explore your greatest sense of newness to revisit your role as a leader- consistently. Without renewing your insight, how can you truly get ahead to inspire others, let alone yourself? Unite with your personal brand and rediscover these behaviors to make all the difference in your 2023 year.

Get Ahead With Top Tips for Brilliant Power Women

Be at Peace

Find ways to relax and keep yourself calm. Invest in Pilates, yoga or meditation and practice regularly. I’ve done this and it has dramatically changed the way I execute my business strategies. No longer do I get upset if a deal doesn’t go through. I won’t get excited if a client is unruly or a meeting goes awry. I take each obstacle in stride and realize that everything is taking place in divine order. When you take care of your body, mind and soul, you become at peace and stable, more often than you may realize in your life.

Think Upscale

Every woman loves the feeling of cashmere. So why not think the same of your business practices? If you find yourself throwing things together last minute, I would consider the analogy of wearing a cheap alternative to cashmere. After the first wash, you leave it in the back of your closet. It doesn’t “wow” you anymore because it was always “half there”; the cheaper alternative. When preparing presentations, meeting with others and thinking about your daily responsibilities, do it with quality. Be the cashmere! When you are quality, what you say and what you do will ALWAYS be in the forefront of the minds of your connections, and value will be your label.

Play Nice

I can’t think of how many times I’ve had to deal with bad eggs. They come out far too often in business. The best way to utilize a bad egg or a sour personality is to treat them with loving-kindness. It may not be their fault that they’re mean or rude. They may be having a bad day. If you find yourself dealing with a wet mop attitude, keep all conversations positive and extra loving. When this happens, you will become a light for them, even if you have to shake it off after you get off the phone or out of a meeting. Be nice as honey… and you will be happier for it. Trust me!

Be the innovator

We are living in a world where as soon as you put an idea out there, someone will replicate it and use it for their own behalf. My best advice is to be an innovator. Be the one who thinks ahead. This can make you the cutting edge queen. As soon as you have your idea and truly want to follow through, don’t sit on it. Others may and will copy. And when they do, take a smiling bow. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Surround Yourself with Powerful Players

One of the key roles in being a female leader is to keep nice friends around that can empower you. When you align with high ranking top players that believe in you, you not only secure yourself a close-knit relationship with those that can show you the way, but you’re also putting yourself in the same circles with people who can help you grow personally and professionally. Find influentials and make their acquaintance now. They will give you the peace of mind that you need to consistently be in the lead.

Do Something New, Often

And by often, I mean, seriously doing something new all the time. If you’re not changing up the way you talk to your customers or engage in communication, you are leaving yourself in a place of stagnance. Don’t bore yourself and your clients. Think! Keep thinking! Keep it going and make it fun for yourself to do something new at all times. This will be the key to your own sanity and will, in turn, enlighten your audience.

Trust Your Gut

When you feel that something isn’t working, whether it’s a business relationship or a new program, act on it, or communicate your feelings right away. Your feelings are direct indicators of what’s really going on inside of your heart. If your gut tells you to stop speaking to a colleague because it seems like a bad idea, or to stop venturing towards a direction in business, it’s most likely the right feeling. If you keep going towards this direction without trusting your gut, you risk the chance of learning a harder lesson down the line.

And we all know that hard lessons are the worst. They keep you up at night and they creep up on you when you least expect it (and they give you frown lines.) Instead of allowing this to happen, trust your instincts in big ways and keep your inner feeling radar on at all times. Then immediately communicate what you feel to figure it out before it’s too late.

Involve, Empower and Inspire

Each and every day you should be your best authentic self. Consider why your customers, your employees or team wish to be around you. They could go elsewhere, couldn’t they? Why do they or should they remain loyal to you? What can you do to involve them in your dreams, passions and visions? Happy people talk, and those who are content, remain loyal.

Word of mouth lies within your ability to evoke positive feelings amongst your surrounding peeps. Ok, so you have a bad day or bad mood or something is not going your way. Breathe! Do not take it out on everyone. Go take a walk or sit and meditate for a moment or two. Always let your inner light shine through. When that happens, you’ll continue to inspire and empower others.

Now, look at how awesome your personal brand can be when you remember these fine details of living the best life you can, in business and in your personal dreams and goals. Be happy, be YOU and be the best you can be.