Five Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

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    April 19, 2022
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Five Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated To Achieve Your Goals women on topp

In the journey of Life, there will always be ups and downs. I’ve always found that life is about balance. You can have days, weeks or even months when things are going well and you feel on top of it all. And then, suddenly, things take a turn and you’re stagnant. You feel like you’re not moving forward, the goals you set aren’t being achieved and you need to get your mojo back.

Sometimes, as high-achieving women, we place our fulfilment on our accomplishments and forget the purpose of the goal or the reason we created it in the first place. It’s easy to lose sight of our original motivator, so when you come across blocks or stagnancy in your path, make sure you’re ready to re-assess your goals or you’re prepared to manage the stalemate by bringing yourself back to balance.

Learn who you are and what you’re about

It all starts with knowing who you are, your needs and how you operate. You can talk to others about things and for advice (this can even be helpful as when you say something out loud it often brings a different perspective), but you know yourself the best. Sometimes however, giving out your energy to others becomes more about them than it does about you. Listen to yourself, as you’ll know when you need to bounce something around with someone, or when you just need to pull yourself out of it.

And if you’re ever uncertain about what you may need at any given point when you’re demotivated, take a few deep breaths and just ask yourself. Trust that the answer will come to you and then give yourself what you need.

In your life, you are responsible and accountable for your choices and achieving your goals. There will be loved ones in your life that will need to be informed and others who need to be consulted, however, they are not responsible for the actions you need to take and to keep yourself motivated in order to create the life you choose to live.

Identify your needs

When I feel demotivated, I use it as an opportunity to ask myself what I need. Sometimes, it can be as simple as I’m doing too much and just need a time out. In which case, I kick back from everything – but I put a limit on it. I tell myself that I can have a day or two to do nothing and then I need to get back on it.

At other times, it can be very specific, like I need to spend time with my family or make a plan with my friends, or I need to spend time cooking myself something nutritious, take a walk in the park or have a relaxing salt bath, with candles and a mediation. When I feel demotivated, I often find that reading re-inspires me, as it allows me to use my imagination and analytical mind.

Identify what you need to do for yourself to bring yourself back to balance. Learn the signs of your demotivation. Prepare your own personalised “Things that bring me joy” list of activities that you can use as your go to.

Bringing yourself back to balance

When you next feel demotivated or stressed, try any or all of these tips and see what works for you in that moment:

  1. Do something from your “things that bring me joy” list first – this could be exercise, music, playing a game, reading, being in nature, watching a movie, writing, eating clean (prepare this list right now and stick it on your desk or the fridge)
  2. Say ‘no’ when it doesn’t feel good to you – try to minimise distractions
  3. Say ‘yes’ when you feel you need it and when you’re in a good place – trust yourself to know you can get back on track after a time out
  4. Take a digital detox to recentre yourself – try one hour, a day, or a weekend if you’re up for the challenge
  5. Review your vision board to see what you’ve already achieved, and to remind yourself of your goals, purpose and to re-inspire yourself – your goals will continue to grow and change as you achieve them, so it’s good to see the things you’ve achieved already so you can focus on the current goals.

The most important thing you can do for yourself, is to learn what your needs are. When you’re able to identify your needs, you can focus on giving yourself what you need to bring your self back to balance and re-focus your energies back on your goals. 

Once you’ve taken care of your needs, you’ll feel ready to get back on track. Remember, every time you come across resistance (yours or others’), stay present, identify your need, give to yourself and the passion to achieve your goal or fulfil your purpose will come back. It’s a part of understanding the ebb and flow – the push and pull of life. Subscribe for free weekly wellness tips >

Divya Chandegra

Divya Chandegra is a global agency programme director turned life and wellness guide. Teaching clients how to resolve childhood conditioning and re-connect with their true Self to create the life they deserve to live through conscious living.

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