Essential & Indispensable Self Care Tips For Working Women

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    February 11, 2021
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Essential & Indispensable Self Care Tips For Working Women - Women On Topp - -

Every day is a busy day for women, be it work meetings, house chores, meals to cook, kids to handle, or social appointments. A hectic life like this leads to less time for females. You probably miss out on yoga, book reading, and social engagements and possibly put your self-care activities on the back burner. This is likely to spell disaster. Overlooking and neglecting your health does not benefit you if you think hard and weigh the reasoning.

It is lovely to be a new-age woman. But you need to devote a few minutes to yourself each day. Start keeping your guilt elements aside to pay attention to your health. Here are some self-care tips for your daily care.

1 Unwind in Music and CBD

Music frees your mind and boosts your spirits. Turn on the rock numbers that make you dance or soundtracks to rejuvenate your imagination. Mood-elevating songs are the in thing these days. They help reduce stress, clear your thoughts, and bring you all the positive effects.

Music is an excellent stress-reliever in crisis. Throw away the negative thoughts by putting on a retro track and chomping pot brownies to reduce all the stress and anxiety related to work.

2 Take time for exercise

Looking after your body is the first step in self-care. Lazing and watching is good to get some rest, but it doesn’t do your tired and stiff body muscles any good. Make use of your gym membership or set out in the morning dawn to move more.

Neck pain is widespread these days because of exhausting desk jobs. Commit to doing rehabilitative exercise. It is a self-care step that will keep you on your move. Make trivial attempts like parking your car a few meters away from your apartment and walking to your home. They are small but significant steps to increase your foot movement and reduce your dependence on vehicles.

3 Sleep well

Elevated stress levels can lead to sleep deficiency. When you cannot clock night-time sleep, you invite a host of ills, stress, depression, obesity. Sleep deficiency can cause a lack of on-job focus, hamper creativity, and invite depression. Fulfilling 7-8 hours of sleep a day is a natural part of your body’s repair system. Without adequate sleep, your body cannot ward off stress agents in your environment and make you more prone to ailments. So, get your daily share of sleep.

4 Switch off your digital devices before bedtime

We are nothing without technology. However, there is enough time for it during the day. Before your bedtime hours, shut your mobiles and electronic gadgets. The blue light of computers, televisions, phones encourage wakefulness and make a dent into required sleep hours.

Make a hot cup of chamomile tea for yourself and drink it slowly and peacefully to avail of its sleep-inducing properties. Read serious books and autobiographies when you are not feeling like dozing off. It may stimulate sound sleep.

5 Meditate for overall well being

Meditation is not just ten minutes of silence; it helps you tap your intuition and listen to your inner call. Many celebrities and successful entrepreneurs worldwide credit meditation to opening their minds and making their daily routine more peaceful and problem-solving.

Make a meditation corner in your home, or sit in your nearby park to spend a few minutes of the day meditating and concentrating on your practice. It will help you think better, increase your happiness and productivity and get you closer to God.

6 Reduce caffeine consumption

Caffeine overload is not healthy for your system. It adds to stress and anxiety and cuts your average sleep hours. The caffeine content in soft drinks, sports drinks, chocolate is unhealthy for consumption as it increases body weight and is one of the primary reasons for obesity and diabetes.

Green tea is a healthier alternative to milk-based tea. It helps you in your weight management goals. Sip chrysanthemum tea or chamomile tea. Their mind-calming nature is good for relaxation and sleep.

7 Cut down or stop drinking alcohol

It is hard to resist the temptation of having a couple of drinks after a long day at work. While it helps you unwind and relaxes and warms you, it upsets your body’s natural way of cooling down at night and can keep you awake.

Avoid making drinking a habit. It is not a self-care method to keep a woman in her senses at dark hours of the day. Make salads and soups your go-to evening meal for health and wellness.

8 Go out after your desk-bound lunch

While you may love to order your lunches and evening snacks at your workstation, it will not burn your calories till you sweat it out. Meals need a fair amount of gut processing time, too. Walk down your office stairs for a light walk after finishing your lunch. Soak up in the sun and fresh air to get your vitamin D you miss out on. It will refresh your mind and body.


While taking care of your body is the first move to self-care, it is not the only step. Make conscious measures to aid your well-being. Treat yourself to something special, like an aromatic bath or growing an indoor plant to purify the air. Take the time out to recharge your tired batteries, even if it means giving up one day of work. Work to make yourself feel happy and secure and take every step to make it a reality.

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