Embrace the Bigwig in You, Lead a Successful Start-Up!

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    July 1, 2019
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As an aspiring student, I kept thinking of an „Entrepreneur‟ to be a superhuman who is capable of doing absolutely anything, successfully. At that stage in life, I failed to understand how different are entrepreneurs from other people, how do they go about kick-starting their ventures, the struggles they go through, and what made them decide to venture into starting up their own enterprise.

„SparkVision‟, a start-up by Marybeth Hyland embarked its journey emphasizing on creating a healthy workplace environment so that the human assets of the business make strides. Marybeth, through encounters in her early years, began to envisage human dynamics which formed her core skill-sets that contributed to pay- off in her successful venture.

Likewise, Harriet Mills, mother of a six-month-old baby, had been put on the dole from her corporate job. Post which she happened to drop by the paint and sip studio, from where she got inspired and established „Wine & Design‟- that redefines marketing strategies of their clientele.

When something appears to unsettle in your career, know that you have a purpose to fulfill, you are to model something peculiar and that‟s when you be the boss of your own biz.

Entrepreneurial trends to tap on:-

  1. Interactive marketing is on the buzz, maximizing post reaches and increased likes have become the need of the hour.
  2. Increasing automation systems, a whole new world revolves around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) in the era of disruptive technology, right from a coffee brewer to smartwatches and lenses.
  3. Walking cubicles resulting in the creation of remote teams are on the rise. Not only does it help acquire rich talent with better skill-sets and wider networking, it also helps start-ups cut down costs.
  4. It‟s not just about making money alone, we now drive our business towards impacting the society, building relationships and simplifying the user experience.
  5. Embrace the blockchain revolution. Blockchain simply refers to a digital ledger that records financial and virtually economic transactions and thus seems to be a transparent, incorruptible and secured system. Transactions over this system occur through the exchange of cryptocurrencies- such as bitcoin.

“You don‟t have to follow a traditional career path. There‟s no rule book or playbook for success. Write your own roles. Don‟t take people‟s paths as the way that you have to do things. You have to do it yourself.” – Anjali Sud, CEO-Vimeo

Most often we come across a critical reasoning as to „what does it take to start-up a successful business‟. Each one of us have our own versions to it, mine just happens to be 5Is- Inspiration (Get inspired to start off), Imagination (Imagine how you want your castle to look after being built), Identification (Identify ways and methods to build it), Innovation (How different can you build it from others in present existence) and Initiation (Start off in action).

Radhika Chhabria

As an out-of-the-box thinker, an ambivert, a creative head, chirpy and determined person, Radhika Chhabria seeks to explore life in a new way by each day. Creative writing is Radhika’s passion and adventure sports are stress-busters to her. Radhika was born, brought up and residing in Hyderabad, India. She has pursued her Bachelors of Vocation in Retail Management and Information Technology and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. An aspiring writer, Radhika wishes to venture into the Art & Media Industry learning more about video production, photography and content development. Chocolate Brownies are the instant ‘mood-makers’ for Radhika. Poetry writing is a soul talk within her. Family and friends mean the globe to Radhika, orbiting in the endless universe to enlighten my life.

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