Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself!

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    April 28, 2016
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Let me guess….. You’re an over educated, super ambitious, go getting, and sophisticated lady working a job where you’re under paid and undervalued right? Or maybe you’re the girl who eats super clean, workouts out just about every day, and drinks plenty of water, but you just can’t lose those 10 pounds for summer, huh? Or you’re the girl who has high standards, even higher morals, who plays fair, but you constantly find yourself single, is that you? Let’s face it.. We all want “It All” like yesterday right? I know same here!

As women, we are always our worst critic. We wants results now, gratification yesterday, and praise last year, it’s just who we are. When we work really hard whether it’s saving up for a major girl’s trip or putting in overtime for that corner office, we give our all and expect results. Totally normal!! But sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and really be proud of where we’ve come and the things we’ve made of our lives. We so often spend all of our time planning for TOMORROW that we forget to just BE in what we have today. It’s totally okay and at one point or another, we all do this.
Yesterday while sitting out on my patio, I took time to notice the water in the pond, the fresh smell of the outdoors, and I really intensely looked around at my patio décor and noticed how at peace and proud of myself I am. I get so busy ripping and running from one event to the next, into the house, then to the gym, so on and so forth that a lot of the time I don’t even take a moment to just think about what I have in life and what I’ve done for myself. How can we expect to appreciate where we are if we don’t take a second out of our day to praise our progress??? Interesting huh?! I’ve been practicing being more patient and satisfied with myself by implementing a few things into my life; I thought I would share with you all.

Every single morning think of a few things you are proud of. For me, in the morning I think “wow. I’m 27. I’ve got a beautiful home. I’ve earned two degrees. A healthy family who loves and supports me” or often times I just have to remind myself that I’ve just simply got it going on. BE your own biggest fan, the world has enough critics. Cheer yourself on.

Every single day own where you are and own where it’s taking you. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds by summer, own the way you eat and drink every day. If you’ve ate clean all day and drank so much water you feel like you’re floating, own that you have done a great job and you’re on your way to your dream body. But also own what you aren’t doing well. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds by summer and you’ve ate pizza and hamburgers all week and had a glass of wine every single night because of a tough breakup you’re struggling to get over, OWN THAT TOO. Accept that you have a goal, you’re working towards it, you had a slip up, but you will do much better and not repeat these habits next week. Don’t beat yourself up, just own it and get better tomorrow.
And my favorite….

Raise your hand if you’re living without the boy who broke your heart and you thought you couldn’t live without? Stand up if you now have money to pay your bills and maybe even go to brunch with your girls when just a few years ago you thought you wouldn’t even be able to get gas? Say hey if you got that job you stressed all night over and thought after the interview they would never call you back? Clap it up if you got through that workout you were sure you were near death when your trainer told you to keep going? GET MY POINT YET????? You have to take pride in these accomplishments. You are not where you once were. You overcame whatever it was you thought would defeat you. Clap for that! You did it! You made it! Look at you now!

My advice to you all is to give yourself a little credit for being strong, being resilient, and working hard towards your goals. Ladies, you are enough! Everything meant for you is already yours. Please continue to speak positive affirmations into the universe and everything you’re working for will come in time. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing great! If no one else is, I’m cheering for you!


Ashley Coleman

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