Cheers to Power Women Who Salute Other Women

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    August 24, 2016
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It was just two days ago that it would have been my 10 year anniversary as the President of my company, Elizabeth Barry & Associates. Launching as the first strategic marketing firm for dance in 2006 to building the brands for curious entrepreneurs, and then finally transforming into an agency that powered the marketing prowess of valuable, leading female entrepreneurs. I’d say, I did a great job. What a journey it has been.

I have since moved onwards and upwards… and although I no longer own a business, I am proud to salute the women who have paved the way for me.

Today, I hold the position as Business Development Director at Inflexion Interactive… and the women that I work with in digital marketing are phenomenal. I am continuing my women’s empowerment on many levels with a new book out, a Women in MarTech Linkedin series (stay tuned) and projects left and right that wet my whistle.

I’d like to give a shout out to all women. But wait, not to all… to those who are patient, kind, willing, indestructible, vulnerable, to those who mentor, to those who strive for the best, and keep their head up, even in the thickest mud. Remember the story of the lotus flower. It always grows in mud. (Take a yoga class… you’ll be grateful you did.)

So today, I salute all women in business who give rise in positivity to other women in the office space. It’s certainly a craft and it’s a respectable one. Women who master the art of kindness while climbing the ladder are pure genius.

And during the week of what would have been my 10th year anniversary I want to say thank you to the women who allowed me to be at the helm of their brands- some as many as 9 years. All of our experiences together have made me into the woman that I am today. Thank you to: Danielle Buccellato of Renaissance Pilates and BODYArt, Jennifer Daure at Timeless Living and #TheSelfExpressionManifesto, Valerie Bennis of Essence of Vali, Andrea Rogers of Xtend Barre Workout, Dawn Buccellato at ILoveStanleyNYC, Jenny Telwar ofANTSO, Idit Or of A&INutreats, Roberta Mathes, Jamie Salmon and many many more.

Thank you all- for the collaboration. And for all women who are enlightened and care for one another in this game of life and in this world that we live in-filled with love for our careers, our minds and our hearts- You rock!

Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry is a skilled marketing professional and a brilliant coach. You can learn more about her at but first, read this: She fascinates clients across America with innovative thinking and strategic business advice. Her business therapy and brand strategy sessions have wowed hundreds of leaders across the US for over 15 year

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