Can You Organize Your Own Closet? Interview With The Owners Of Lot 19 Luxury Consulting 

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    June 6, 2022
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Can You Organize Your Own Closet? Some of us are capable of getting organized on our own, yet fast-forward a few months later and once more we are staring at a messy unorganized closet, asking ourselves what happened to our clean closet and how did it get this way, again? This scenario happens to us time and time again because we are not skilled in the trade of organizing.

When you feel yourself at a stand-still, hire a professional. They will step into your closet and immediately know what systems and methods you need to get and stay organized. 

Meet Zoe Ried and Tyana Deloras, the founders of Lot 19 Luxury Consulting a luxury consignment concierge that specializes in wardrobe organizing. The company was founded during their student time at the Michigan State University inspired. Lot 19 Consulting services are geared to refresh wardrobes and upkeep the lifespan of material goods. 

Lot 19 Luxury Consulting’s process includes four steps that contribute to the enhancement of any wardrobe, followed by optional consignment of unwanted luxury goods. These steps include: a consultation, wardrobe edit, closet organizing, and a closet conclusion. 

Knowing that wardrobes typically grow at a linear pace, Lot 19 Luxury Consulting is there to help. Whether it’s a seasonal shift or just to declutter and make room, our services are guaranteed to update wardrobes to suit our client’s unique needs. By consigning, donating, and/or discarding their unwanted goods, Lot 19 can elevate the worries of storage, all while making a return on your dollar on an intimate basis or giving back to the community.

What are you most proud of as an entrepreneur?

Zoe:  As entrepreneurs, we are most proud of our ability to persevere and continue to build our brand even during the times we couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe our ability to see the bright side of everything makes it easier for us to press forward and go after any and all things we want or wish to accomplish. 

Did you have any setbacks, challenges or epiphanies along the way? 

Zoe: Of course. I don’t think you can run a successful business and not face challenges and setbacks. With the initial start of our business happening in late 2019, you can imagine our surprise when a global pandemic swept the nation and we had to spend weeks on end quarantined in our homes. Before the feeling of defeat and doubt could creep in we took this time to grow our knowledge of the luxury consignment market and rebrand our business completely. Being an entrepreneur is all about being able to pivot and still reach your end goal even when the unexpected happens 

How do you balance your work life? 

Zoe: Balancing work life is not an easy task as an entrepreneur, but what helps me the most is properly managing my time and giving myself enough time to get things done. Having specific routines in place helps us to manage our time in the most efficient way possible. Having both morning and nighttime routines help us to better approach each new day. In the morning, we like to wake up just before 5 am and take an hour to ourselves to do yoga, read, shower and prepare for the day, well before the commotion of the outside world starts. In the evening, we are able to plan out our top three tasks that need to be completed that next day. So when that next day comes after our morning routine is completed we can jump right into the most important tasks to complete for that day. Giving ourselves optimal time to get things done.  

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Zoe: Never give up, go after what you want relentlessly 

What is a skill you think all women should learn and why? 

Zoe: To prioritize herself first before anything. When you are your best self that allows for you to succeed in other areas of life. 

Tell us something about organizing we don’t know. 

Our brand is centered around luxury. Not brand names or anything superficial. To live in luxury is to acquire a state of comfort. Having an organized space has been proven to physiologically ease the mind. Organizing can start as an external task, but it goes far beyond that. 

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients by giving them that comfort they probably didn’t know could be achieved by the organization. 

What’s the best way to start organizing or decluttering?

Tyana: At Lot 19, we work on a four step system; Consult, Edit, Organize, and Conclude. Having a plan is the most essential part of our process. During our consultations, we not only get to know our clients and explore their expectations, but we also compose a general plan for what would be the most effective approaches to organizing their space.

Can you give us any tips regarding wardrobe organizing?

Tyana: My best tip will be to find a method of categorizing and organizing from there. Organizing by item type and/or by color will help you easily filter through your wardrobe post organizing. 

What mistakes do people make when they organize their wardrobes?

Tyana: A common mistake people may make when trying to organize their own wardrobes is holding on to items they no longer wear. The editing step happens to be very crucial when organizing. Not only are you making more space for the new, but you are able to continue on with confidence that everything you absolutely need is there and accessible. 

What are your plans for the next five years?

Tyana:  In the next five years we plan to expand our agency across the United States, offering a plethora of services to expand the lifespan of luxury goods and clothing, while focusing on sustainability. These services will include, but not limited to dry cleaning, wash and fold,  handbag restoration, and a fur salon. We hope to have a mighty team of luxury consultants in Florida, Texas, and California to start. We are also passionate about founding a non-profit organization in the near future to give back to our community in Detroit, Michigan. 

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