Boss Lady Vanessa Crandell Leaves A 6 Figure Income To Work for Herself

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    September 6, 2018
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Vanessa Crandell

"Leaving a 6 figure income to commission only is a scary thing but realizing that hustling for myself instead of someone else is empowering"

Vanessa Crandell

When you work for a corporation you learn how to do things there way and the key values to get you promoted. And that’s fine but Vanessa came to a point in her life where she wanted more and she didn’t know what more meant. Vanessa found herself staying up late looking at other companies to make a move and signing up for every free webinar for building a business and nothing was coming to her. She started to write down things that she’s passionate about what topics light her face up when she talks and what she can’t stop doing. It hit Vanessa that she is and will always be a Business relationship manager. Vanessa is passionate about educating clients on business credit and solutions that will be more effective and efficient for their business. And has led her to start her entrepreneurial work at Beyond.


Beyond is a company that gives you a platform to help businesses with lending opportunities and payment processing and you are your own business owner.

”I knew this was a match for me the highlight for me was Beyond had a non-profit company call giveback and every client I sign on some of the proceeds help fund the young adults that come from Foster care or an orphanage home we fund their 4-year college tuition”

Vanessa loves networking with like-minded individuals. She loves to empower other women around her and to be of value to another individual. 

"Believe in yourself and never hold back if it’s scary but that fear excites you, then follow that inner fire. "

Vanessa Crandell

”I want my children to look up to me and see whatever you put your mind to you can succeed and you can create any future you want. It’s okay to fail along the way just learn from those mistakes. Stay humble and learn to give yourself a pep talk in the morning. Your reflection is your only competition.”

1. What motivated you to become an entrepreneur and starting Get Beyond?

I had been a Business Relationship Manager for 14 years and I found myself not being happy with feeling like I wanted more out of life and being able to talk about topics based on my own thoughts without being monitored. When you work in a corporate world you have to be very careful about what you can be a part of or say. I thought do I move to another company and ask for more money and do the same thing. Then I want to hustle for myself, I wanted to give back to local non-profits that hit close to home. I came across Robert Carr on the internet and read about how he started Heartland Merchant and then sold the company for 4 Billion dollars and started another company called beyond. Beyond is a company he wanted to give back to kids that come from a challenged childhood. This company felt like this was the right move for me. Yes, I was giving up a six-figure income to being on commission only but I wanted to be happy. At Beyond it gives you the platform to help business owners with their financial needs and some of the profit goes to a great cause and now I can run my business how I want. 

2. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other women leaving a corporation?

Yes, it’s a scary journey leaving a corporation to pursue your dreams and you will get negative feedback from certain people that my cause you to second guess yourself but don’t listen. Remember you are in this life to build yourself a life of happiness and you have to challenge yourself. Before you leave your company plan for financial shortfall. a) Get 6months to 9 months ahead of your bills pay them in advance. 

b) Put at least 5 thousand of your emergency money aside and a little for play money.

c) Have a 2-year business plan and stick to it

d) Make sure you have fully communicate this to your partner

Remember it takes at least 3 to 6 months to get start seeing your plan to work.

3. What does a day in your life consist of?

I wake up early at 5 am to go running because this pumps me up. Even though I work from home I always get ready for the day to help me stay motivated. I make calls to get new business and go visit business owners to educate them on ways I can help their business. I also take turns with my husband to watch our kids. We have a 4-year-old boy a 15-year-old daughter and a one-year-old daughter. My husband works from home as well so we teach our kids toddler education to help them get ready for school at home and run our daily house duties. I am also involved in a non-profit so setting up events in between to bring awareness to the cause and I am trying to make a difference in the city I live in by helping a candidate run for mayor for our upcoming election.

4. Tell me about your best and worst days of work?

The best day for me is that the kids are taking their naps on time and not having difficult days. That means I would of arrived to my appointments on time and closed that deal also made the new appointments got home on time to now take care of dinner. My worst day is keeping myself motivated overcoming the depression’s of the days were things aren’t going right the people hanging up on you on the phone and still trying make yourself believe that it’s okay just work harder. 

5. Any great stories from working with a client?

Yes, after doing business with a client and maintaining a long-term relationship and adding value to not just the current transaction but picking up the phone every time they call they will refer you business. I have several clients refer me 5-6 new clients at a time. Relationships are truly valuable.

6. How do you work on the emotional plane?

I first understand that I will have non-successful days but I focuse on the day to day activities. I grade myself on how well I stuck to my plan for the day if I don’t then I will become de-motivated. I have a mentor that supports me when I need someone to talk to that I have looked up to with all their success.

7. What is your motto?

Believe in yourself and talk from the heart always tell the truth and do the right thing others will admire that. Be of value to whom ever you cross paths with and always try to help others. 

8. What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

I challenge myself on a daily. I am already hard on myself so I don’t have a boss overlooking my work saying what do you have for me today. I am available for my family whenever is needed and I can partner with individuals that I find of value as well.

9. What have been some of your failures? And what have you learned from them?

I have started small business that has been in other fields and they failed because I based it on how much money I was going to make and what I would say is focus on what your passionate about having your own business shouldn’t be about the money but about the topics you find value in and how you want to put those values into a business you can make a living off of and it shouldn’t feel like work but something that makes you feel whole.

10. If you had one piece of advice to our readers to those just starting out as a business owner?

Take your time on what you want to do. Don’t start a business because your upset at your boss or someone else says your going to make money. Partner with others that adds value to your day and you need to market yourself in your area and hit up the top hitters in your area and partner learn from them and let them get to know you. Get involved in the local non-profits that mean something to you. Finding a mentor is key you need someone to help keep you on track so you become successful. 

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