Are You Living a Passionate Life?

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    February 9, 2018
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When you’re passionate about something, no one has to make you do it. You’re willing to get up early, stay up late, and do it for free. Passion isn’t dependent on position, title, things, or people it comes from within. It’s about that gleam in your eye and the spring in your step. Passion is a new vitality, a new meaning, a new energy, a new purpose, a new outlook, and a new hope! 

So I want to know: Are you living a passionate life?

We all have something that brings us joy. The inner passion to do more and become more is embedded inside of each of us but unfortunately, many never tap into that desire and put it into action. When you reflect upon your life now, would you describe it as fun and exciting “day at the park”, or is it a lot of hard work day in and day out? Do you tend to reach your goals easily, or do they seem to stay just out of reach, close enough to smell them, but never close enough to touch them? Can you count on getting the things you want, or are you constantly in a state of frustration trying to figure things out?

First, you must tap into your passion

Finding your passion is easier than you think. When you simply say the word passion it gives you a feeling of excitement and you envision sparks. It’s a deep burning desire for something we want. Some may say you have no passion for anything and there is nothing you are passionate about. I don’t believe this is true at all. I think that some people or misled, depressed or confused and have the wrong idea of what it means to have passion. I don’t wake up each morning on fire to get in front of my computer and start typing away. Passion is a long time desire or dream for something and it’s nurtured like a small flame that never goes out not a flash-in-the-pan grease fire.

It’s the desire to try and continue working towards something

It’s the desire to rise up when you stumble or fall when trying. It makes you stubborn to allowing failure to set in. When you have a real passion you see it, believe it and dream it and the fire just keeps burning inside. You may get an affirmation, visualization or partial accomplishment that fuels the constant flame to keep burning low and steady. According to those who teach thinking methods, as long as you persist in repeating the process over and over again, your beliefs will eventually change and produce results. The method of think it, believe it, is great and needed but there is so much more.

Many passionate people could be mistaken for an over worked maybe a workaholic

They may put in 12 or more hours a days and never stop talking about their passion. They tend to think so much about it that it takes up a large part of their everyday life and it may not ever make them a single penny. You get so frustrated at times you want to just want to throw in the towel or throw water on the flame but you just can’t do it. Letting go just isn’t in the cards for you. Why is it you can be so exhausted and yet never give up? That’s easy. It’s because passionate people at the end of the day are content. People that lack this kind of passion find it difficult to understand the one’s that do.

My passion is to write, motivate and coach others.

I am especially passionate about helping to inspire, equip, and empower women as leaders in Building Confidence, Overcoming Tragedy, Grief recovery and learning to live a lifestyle with passion and purpose. It’s all just embedded in me, but not something I set out to do at a young age. I hit my computer, get frustrated and generally seem like I’m having the worst day ever when I can’t think of what I want to say, or feel like a presentation is not good enough after days and hours of work. This is only a temporary setback. I like to label it a big challenge called Character Building.

I couldn’t image ever seeing the passionate side of this world again

When my 17-year-old son passed away in an auto accident I couldn’t image ever seeing the passionate side of this world again. The tremendous sense of loss and pain over took my daily routines, my health and emotional well-being. Going from being the person who inspires everyone became the person who became physically sick to be awake. I began writing my daily aches and pains in a journal to simply distract myself from burdening others about how I felt. My writing became an escape that slowly evolved into mental healing. After 7 years and the encouragement of others I needed to help others recover from horrific tragedies in life. Publishing books, creating a blog and traveling the country speaking isn’t always a bowl of roses.

My responsibilities in life only grew and pressures to create healing content and earn my certification in grief and empowerment coaching takes a toll on getting enough rest and balancing a healthy family lifestyle. All this frustration in the end still gives me a deep-seated contentment. The satisfaction that comes from honoring my precious son keeps me going no matter how wrong things go or who gets on my last nerve. I feel like my life is well-lived and filled with love from all the book fans and supporters I have met along the way. Passion transforms things once endured into things enjoyed. It supercharges obligation into energy and enthusiasm. It’s just simply a desire. When you have a desire, it’s simply a quiet contentment.  The feeling is steady and always there making your day to day in and outs of life worth it all when you have a passion.

No matter what your passion is, there is always a brim of happiness about you.

The twinkle of excitement that surrounds you knowing you have contentment in what your hopes, desires and dreams are. If you’re an artist, you will still have the brushes to clean and room to tidy up. The ballet dancer may have toes that bleed and the motocross rider aspiring to go pro one day still has bike maintenance and cleaning to do after each training session but the desire never leaves you.

I think what happens more often than none is people start to search for their passion and they are expecting fireworks or the heavens will open and a trumpet will sound with the idea of passion about their purpose. This is NOT going to happen so stop looking for the big sign. Some of us are blessed right off the bat and know early on where our passion lies. They know exactly where they want to focus their attention and time and feel their calling straight out of the womb. I don’t think that happens to most of us and there is a myth that this is how it’s supposed to be.

Some of you will stop looking because you believe this to be true.

The fact is, many have multiple passions. If you haven’t found your passion, that’s okay. You have to be just curious about life and find out what makes you happy. Try different things by exploring a few thoughts and desires that’s on your mind. We live in an exciting time where it’s easy to start a business on line with very little investment. When I say very little, I mean very little! The cool thing is you can start a business doing almost anything. Maybe your passion is to help others and you not sure how to start or your passionate about sports or fashion. Never stop looking. It’s never because you’re not passionate about anything. You’re just not passionate about anything yet.

If you’re not sure where to begin, then try first understanding who you are and go from there. Truly being self-aware will give you the ability to slowly refresh, restore, and reignite the passion inside.

Cherie Rickard

Cherie Rickard is a Nationally recognized Author, Motivational Speaker, Grief and Empowerment Coach. She is a Medical Professional, a successful business owner, a patient advocate and more importantly a mother with messages of hope & inspiration. She encourages women to find their voice and purpose in life so that they can use life’s setbacks, challenges and tragedies to rebuild their own lives

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