Are you an Executive or Entrepreneur or Neither?

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    July 29, 2019
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Are you an Executive or Entrepreneur or Neither? women on Topp gary vaynerchuk

Are you an Executive or Entrepreneur or Neither? – How to clear up the confusion once and for all and still be successful.

Many of you would have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk, whether you love him or hate him you will have to admit that he does speak the truth when it comes to entrepreneurship. One of the questions he has asked people to answer for themselves is ‘Are you an executive or are you an entrepreneur?’ I would then add ‘Or are you neither?’ 

Right now entrepreneurship is an ongoing trend. Whether you are one or not, time will tell.  My other question is ‘Why do you want to be either?’ 

Now if you are either/or then I truly do congratulate you and it is an amazing achievement. This is for those who feel pressured and think that they are not able to be successful if they are not. 

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Let’s Clarify What They Both Mean 

Entrepreneur – ‘Someone who exercises initiative by organising a venture to take benefit of an opportunity and, as the decision maker, decides what, how, and how much of a good or service will be produced. An entrepreneur supplies risk capital as a risk taker, and monitors and controls the business activities. The entrepreneur is usually a sole proprietor, a partner, or the one who owns the majority of shares in an incorporated venture.’ (

Executive – ‘Person or group appointed and given the responsibility to manage the affairs of an organization and the authority to make decisions within specified boundaries.’ businessdictionary.

I want to point out something, the most important thing is to be true to you, be honest with yourself, because the greatest value that you can deliver, the greatest success that you will achieve will only come when you are your true authentic self. You can still be a Kick-Ass Boss Queen (or King) no matter what your so-called professional title is. 

Titles do not define you

Success is not defined by how many titles you can put to your name. It sounds like a cliche, however, it is the impact that you are making, the value you are adding and the person you are becoming that is important. 

First and foremost you need to understand that you can lie to the world but you cannot lie to yourself. And if you think you are fooling others than think again, others can tell, they really can. This can be detrimental to your progression and development as key people may not want to invest, promote or work with you because of this. 

So why do some people say ‘Fake It Until You Make It’? 

‘Fake It Until You Make It’ statement is misleading and potentially false

You don’t want to ever think of yourself as ‘Fake’. You should visualise and manifest what you want. Believe that you are going to achieve what you want. Develop the Expertise. Gain the knowledge. Get support and mentoring. Have a Strategy and Take Action Everyday and Practice, Practice, Practice. Gain real experience. 

Now while everyone may not be an entrepreneur, or executive, everyone CAN and I would go as far to say must have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

An entrepreneurial mindset allows you to achieve greatness in all areas of your life. Health, Relationships, Financial, Personal Growth, Professional, Spirituality, Social, plus more (Wheel Of Life). It means that you are able to be resourceful, utilise what you have, make the most of opportunities, create opportunities and achieve the results that you desire. 

It is not how much you make, it is what you do with it

Having ‘Titles’ (Manager, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Executive, Solopreneur, Director etc) has nothing to do with achieving financial freedom. So many get this very, very wrong. As the saying goes, ‘It is not how much you make, it is what you do with it’. So many people with professional titles are actually broke and/or have no time freedom even if they have profit (money you actually keep after all business expenses are deducted), it is crucial that you understand not to seek a title because you think it will give you status or wealth. 

You can still create the life that you want even if you have a profession where you are employed. Financial Education and Money Management is vital. Learn how to correct your mindset to one of abundance, learn how to manage, invest and make your money make money. 

Time is your greatest commodity, once spent it is never regained. So take the time for self-discovery, self-growth and selfdevelopment, it leaves no regret. 

Clear the confusion. Ask yourself, what is right for YOU 

Know that you are a Queen (or King) that has your ‘Empire’ to run, this empire is your life which you have the choice to live on your own terms. To be happy means to be yourself. Everything else follows. 

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Haseena Bheekhun

Haseena Bheekhun is a Coach, Mentor, and Consultant. The scope of expertise in many areas of lifestyle, career life and business spans as wide as the exposure and first-hand experience has enabled her to interpret and understand the do’s and don’ts. Packaging this in a way that caters to the individual and the extended professional environment i.e. small company, large company or organization individuals are able to improve personally and professionally. Haseena’s vision is to empower and enable others to utilize their full potential and achieve their goals, by educating them and the wider community on various issues relating to mindset. Haseena enjoys creative and educational pursuits in philosophy, psychology, technology, science, and art.

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