All You Shall Practice to Transform your Dreams into Reality

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To Dream Is To Make It Happen!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Some of the most incredible discoveries and inventions made until today were born out of the dreams of people who are known to be exceptionally successful, to name a few- Thomas Edison, Paul McCartney, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey and many such focused dreamers who possessed the power and courage to drive their dreams into reality.


A set of images, events, sensations and emotions that we experience unconsciously while we‟re asleep are simply defined as „dreams‟. Yet one simple question still remains unanswered- Why do dreams appear to us? It‟s been an ever debated topic- whether or not is „dreaming‟ of any good to us. While research shows the positive impact of dreams on our health and well-being, on the other hand, people who were restricted from dreaming tend to experience depression, hallucination, increased tension, lack of concentration and coordination.

It is believed that dreams are the reflection of our deepest thoughts that are processed or worked upon by our brain while we sleep, but still, the brain remains active at a highly focused level than when we‟re awake. It is during the period of such unconsciousness that we connect with our inner-self and thus make room for new ideas, find solutions to our problems, foresee the possible impact of our actions, visualize forthcoming events and replay memories that are stored deeply within us.

D.R.E.A.M.S- Learning from Yesterday. Directing Today. Envisioning Tomorrow.

Here’s all you shall practice to transform your dreams into reality:

1. Dare to dream and achieve all that you desire. No matter how silly or impossible do we consider our dreams to be, they come to us for a purpose, as a sigh to be fulfilled. Though it‟s even more important to have clarity of vision and viability of thought.

2. Resilience is the key to move mountains. Accepting challenges that come your way could only take you closer to your dream.

3. Energy shall be much more focused upon than just time. This becomes the major differentiator between a dreamer and doer, thus devoting efforts into your dreams, empowers them with positivity and a sense of achievement.

4. Affirm yourself each day with what you dream to make it come true. Remind yourself about your strengths; tell yourself the things you must do in accordance to your plan and follow-up with optimism.

5. Masking a Positive Mindset, believe in working hard, being confident on your abilities and assessing the value of your goals.

6. Start! Initiate your actions by developing a roadmap between your dream and reality, begin to bridge the gap and manage your way through.

Had J.K. Rowling never dreamt of becoming a writer, „Harry Potter‟ would have never marked its existence today! Many such exemplary discoveries and inceptions are on the brink of happening, if we determine ourselves to set out on a steady pursuit of dreaming and achieving.

Radhika Chhabria

As an out-of-the-box thinker, an ambivert, a creative head, chirpy and determined person, Radhika Chhabria seeks to explore life in a new way by each day. Creative writing is Radhika’s passion and adventure sports are stress-busters to her. Radhika was born, brought up and residing in Hyderabad, India. She has pursued her Bachelors of Vocation in Retail Management and Information Technology and her Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. An aspiring writer, Radhika wishes to venture into the Art & Media Industry learning more about video production, photography and content development. Chocolate Brownies are the instant ‘mood-makers’ for Radhika. Poetry writing is a soul talk within her. Family and friends mean the globe to Radhika, orbiting in the endless universe to enlighten my life.

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