Accept failures & You Are Entirely Responsible For Your Own Happiness

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    December 16, 2019
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The cosmetology world started for me in 2008 and my choices over time led me to a very great place. I will never forget how I got here and the people and companies that helped shape and guide me. Networking is key and creating a great inner and outer team (creative and business teams).  And don’t we always become stronger when we can say we worked for some unprofessional, dishonest employers? But the reward is what we have gained from the experiences. You learn how you do not want to be therefore making more space to envision how you DO want to be!

Always realize that every job, gig, the experience will always get you to the next level as long as you know when to make the change or accept a new challenge!

If and when you start to feel 100% comfortable, that’s your queue to make a change and challenge yourself. This leads me into my “I’m ready” moment. It was after walking out of a toxic salon, a salon that ironically gave me confidence in my professional self. How do you ask? I realized that I was valuable as a hairstylist because surrounding me were toxic, unhappy employers who I could not continue making successful! What about me? I can be successful, especially if I’m authentic. I had the idea in my pocket for years but it’s until you officially accept failure and that maybe you are entirely responsible for your own happiness and success, you will start making decisions for your true self!

Creativity is what keeps this place full of energy

2017 is when my very own salon was born! I opened in a small town in Jersey. My hometown and very progressive community and downtown! What is my favorite part of my job? I love that I was able to create an environment that speaks a language to anyone who walks into it. It is welcoming, eclectic and full of talent and passion! Walking into this daily has made me a better person, no doubt. I also love that creativity is what keeps this place full of energy and genuine business.

Tips on maintaining healthy hair

I am a firm believer in hair care products. We carry a line called Davines in the salon. I embrace this company and am proud to offer such an eco-friendly, quality haircare and styling product line, made in Parma, Italy. I think if people are investing hundreds of dollars in their hair it should be maintained with quality products that are also affordable. I think choosing a brand to carry in your business is so important. I guarantee our product results or our clients can return it! That’s how important it is to me!

Leadership style

My leadership style is custom, to say the least. I never understood why business owners had to be so arrogant, loud, rude and uncomfortable to be around. I think leadership is someone who is inspiring, relatable and understanding. I think of it as who do I wish was my boss? I have that in my mind at all times and I try to play the role I was looking for during my journey. I work on this role everyday, it’s not easy most of the time but I believe in inspiring and leading others to do their best.


How do I stay motivated? First and foremost, I have been able to keep motivated because I was able to create a team of people who motivate me and therefore the vision of the company. Having a son who watches me daily keeps me motivated. But, self-motivation was the start of this entire dream becoming a reality. I learned from reading about it and being around self-motivated people. I wasn’t born with most of it. When you accept that without motivation you may not keep whatever you have gained, very long. Continued motivation will move mountains!

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

Facebook, Instagram, and online booking have been our three top tools In making the salon a success. Engaging in your local facebook groups is huge. Staying consistent with the brand logo/image is major too. Promotions and ads via these platforms are the top communication tools we use daily. Most of the time this is all just free marketing. Most of the apps to make ads for your business are so easy to use! Ex: Imovie, Picsart a Ripl to name a few! Marketing is a must in order to get your business name out there, if you are not doing this, look into hiring someone to help you!

One piece of advice

If I had one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out, it’d be, do not give up on your passion or dream. It’s easy to take It for granted or ignore it! We all have some sort of gift, talent, strong skill. Take that and make it yours,  be true to yourself and learn to accept failures, successes, good and bad. As long as you are learning in the process, you will only grow and head toward success.

Do I believe in destiny or fate? I wholeheartedly believe in destiny. Our choices and ideas subconscious and conscious shape our entire life. I believe anyone can change their destiny at any given moment just by their thoughts. I believe no matter where you come from you have the absolute power to go and create the life you want.

All success comes with some sacrifice! Being a full-time business owner requires a bit more sleep and a bit more early nights in! Investing in your business can sometimes delay you from investing in a home and leaving you to rent! But like anything else, it becomes part of your journey and you learn to balance and say,  at least I’ll have my dream house because I followed my dreams!

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