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Kate Campbell

How many of you know that success leaves behind clues that can be modeled to help you shape your desired future? Tony Robbins realized this and said, “Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone who was successful did, and model it”.  Kate Campbell followed this advice and modeled behaviours of people who had what she wanted and carefully acted to make her dreams a reality, and now she is paying it forward.

You may wonder, how could somebody go from being stuck and stagnant in her career to realizing her international career dreams in less than a decade?

I will tell you how. Nine years ago, Kate was stuck in her career, feeling unrecognized and being passed over for promotions. But when she focused on owning, planning and loving her career trajectory, her career accelerated. Her big lesson was that performance and hard work alone was only going to get her so far in her career. The many strategies she employed is the very basis of the skills and tools she thoroughly explained in her book MAKE YOUR SPLASH: Secrets to Taking Charge, Standing Out and Accelerating your Career. 


MAKE YOUR SPLASH is a game-changing book that helps young prospects advance and accelerate their career by positioning themselves to become the best choice for an internal promotion or new opportunity. In this eye-opening book MAKE YOUR SPLASH, Campbell illustrates how to own, plan and love your career by giving readers practical strategies that can be put into action immediately to move one step closer to their goals and dreams.  

Wonderful right? To think that a young girl who was considered to have a stagnant and average career would one day grow to have the international career she always dreamt of, reminds us of the power of ruthless priority setting and focus on what matters

Today, Campbell is paying it forward through her career and leadership coaching business SPLASH STRATEGY, a purpose-driven company geared towards helping high-potential professionals to strategically advance and accelerate their careers through practical career advancement and leadership training and coaching. SPLASH STRATEGY effectively equips high potential individuals with the knowledge and skills to advance and accelerate their career progression so they can optimize their overall fulfillment while offering higher value to their companies and the customers they serve. Amazing right?

People often ask Kate if she could offer some insights into what it takes to advance and accelerate their careers. Her answer was quite simple; own, plan, and love your career.


Take responsibility for what’s in your control. You may have career aspirations to achieve, but are you taking responsibility for building the foundation necessary to achieve your aspirations? Although many organizations have formal career development programs, you cannot solely rely on your company to make plans and take initiative for your career advancement. It is 100% up to you to make your goals known to those who matter and do what’s in your control to make it happen. The result of this will put you on the right track of career progression. So, own your potential and take responsibility for what is in your control. 


Create a career roadmap and be adaptable to change as you execute. We all have the ability to achieve good if not great things in our careers. Taking the time to plan is one of the most important and worthwhile things you can do for your professional career to avoid getting thrown off-course and settling for something you don’t want. Few people actually take the time to proactively design their career future. Instead, they let their career play out by passive default and one-day wake up to realize they are not where they want to be. Managing your career is your responsibility. 

Regardless of what stage of your career you are in, it’s important to reflect on where you want to go, understand what you need to do to get yourself there, and measure and celebrate your progress throughout the journey. By being intentional, planning and adapting to change as you execute, you set yourself up for success, which brings you one step closer to actualizing your highest potential. 


Be satisfied and love yourself and the journey. Have you ever worked hard to achieve a goal that didn’t leave you feeling as satisfied or fulfilled as you thought it would? The effort seems pointless, right? In order to reach our full potential and achieve optimal career success, we must love ourselves, find enjoyment in the journey and have a balanced fulfillment in all facets of life such as your career, relationships, community, learning and so on. As ambitious and high-potential professionals, we can be guilty of placing more focus on one area of our lives over another (i.e. career over health or family) and as a result, we find our world crashing down when our primary area of focus takes a nosedive. 

So, as we have seen, Kate Campbell is an inspiration to the everyday woman who has hopes, dreams and ambitions to reach new heights in their career. She is undoubtedly a special person that all must learn from, and just as she believes, the more competent you are, the more responsibility you have to look beyond your performance in order to reach your career goals and dreams. 

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