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    February 23, 2022
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Margarite Camaj, Esq., also known as Magi Camaj, is a New York-based multifaceted woman. She is an Attorney, a 21x Published Author, an Educator, and an all around creative. She is the co-founder of The Camaj & Lee Firm with her law partner Margaret Lee, Esq., where they both strive to protect all creatives and businesses, especially when it comes to music. They are also both diving into emerging industries, such as Cannabis companies and NFTs. In addition to her legal side, Magi is also a creative. She is a 21x Published Author, where she has published a variety of different genres from fiction, to poetry, to self-help books, to being the co-author of 50 Keys of Success In The Music Business: From Two Entertainment Attorneys (also writing this book with her law partner Margaret Lee). We’ve asked her a few questions to get to know more about her, her company, her book, her achievements, and her life. Please learn more about Magi on her Instagram and Twitter @magicamaj. 

1.     From 21x Published Author, Writer, Songwriter, Poet, to Attorney, how and why?

I believe that we all hold a certain number of gifts within us and it’s up to us to dig deep and figure out what they are so that we can use them and give the world our light. It may sound like a lot, but everything is intertwined. Words and music are everything to me. My path was designed by God and I made the decision to walk on it. Everything connects completely.

2. Tell us about your books, who are your readers?

I love writing whether it’s poetry, lyrical bars, or contracts. Writing has been everything to me since I was just about 7-years-old. There is a book for every audience. My books will make readers feel something. Emotions will get evoked. I’m big on feeling, emotions, and love. I wrote about these three aspects a lot whether they’re in my poetry books, my novels, or my self-help books. My latest poetry book is “Full Moon & Feelings.” It’s the perfect book to pick up and read some poetry whenever there’s a full moon, leaving you feeling “too much.”

Margaret Lee and I’s latest book, “50 Keys To Success In The Music Business: From Two Entertainment Attorneys,” remained #1 new release on Amazon for over 1 month. We wrote this book because every artist should have this book within their reach. We wanted to give artists the knowledge needed to open the doors to success as they navigate the Music Business. Our goal was to provide artists with a solid foundation about how the Music Business operates and what they need to apply moving forward.

Magi Camaj and her Partner

3. How do you know you work with the right partner?

I couldn’t have asked for a better law partner than Margaret Lee, Esq. We both have the same vision, character, integrity, and we both have ambition. People always recommend not working with your family or with a friend, but I couldn’t disagree more. We have trust and I think that’s important and vital. I keep people in my circle that I know I can depend on and that I can trust. We help each other whenever needed. It is a beautiful dynamic and I am beyond grateful to be working with a sister!

4. Do you think women are well represented in the music industry? If not, how do you think it could be improved? 

I think that women could be even better represented in the music industry. Some people look at women as not being as “powerful” or as “aggressive” as men and I think that people who think that way couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why my law partner and I wanted to have a two women law firm, The Camaj & Lee Firm. We know what we bring to the table. We know our strengths. There should always be at least one woman in the room whether it’s regarding the business aspect or the creative aspect. Women have so much to offer. Having strong women on your team is a plus and will only push you forward.

5. What inspired you to start the law firm?

My law partner Margaret Lee and I had a vision. We are naturally both entrepreneurs. Hence, we wanted to start a law firm founded by two women with extremely diverse backgrounds. We’ve been through a lot of experiences in life that have helped us build something so solid. We both have a lot to offer and we see situations from many different perspectives. We see both the creative and the legal side. This made us want to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and others correctly pave their own path as well. Having the knowledge to build the proper foundation is everything, especially in the music industry.

6. In your own words what do you do?

I love. That’s first and foremost. I think that love is the most powerful force so it ties into EVERYTHING that you do. When that force flows out of you, those in tune can feel it. They can see the difference. I love the people who are a part of my life and my passions. I place love into everything that I touch. There is nothing I do that doesn’t involve my full soul. That goes for business as well. If I take part in any project, I’m going to put my all into it or I just won’t take on that particular project at all. I’m blessed to have a law partner, Margaret Lee, Esq., who has the same view!

7. What do you consider the main differences between those people who have been successful in your industry and those who have failed?

Those who have been successful didn’t quit, not for one second. Those who are successful have remained consistent and didn’t waiver no matter what obstacles came their way. They keep their passion, are persistent, and just keep going. Quality and quantity plus consistency are key factors here.

8. Can you describe your clients?

They are extremely talented, but they also put in the work. They don’t rely on other people to do everything for them. Their work ethic is on point. Their character, integrity, and passion speaks volume. Overall, they want to contribute something great to the culture. That’s something that is priceless.

9. Do you have any special advice for other ‘attorney diva’s’ out there?

Keep your integrity. Your integrity is most important. Nothing is worth losing your integrity over. Nothing is worth losing your soul. Be YOU. Be exactly who you are – to your core. Don’t be afraid to show up as yourself. You don’t have to be a certain way in order to achieve success. You can be uniquely you and add a touch of yourself to your career. That’s exactly what will make you stand out. You got this far and you will continue to get to wherever you need to go as long as you stay focused and keep your heart pure and intact.

10. When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

I’m a person who literally feels everything. I’m huge on emotions. If I ever suffer a setback, I try not to dwell too much into it because I know that it’s just redirection. I have faith that whatever path God wants me to be on, I will be on as long as I follow my spirit and my mind and heart are in full alignment. You just can’t quit no matter what.

I allow myself to go through all the emotions because we’re human and we shouldn’t block them out. If we block the emotions out, they’re left somewhere internally, even if it’s subconsciously. It’s best to feel everything out and then let it go so you don’t let it linger inside of you for too long. I read something Beyoncé once said. She said that she gives herself 1 day to feel sorry for herself and she uses that feeling to motivate herself to work harder. I’ve always held that with me since I was younger and put that into practice. I give myself 1 day to feel everything out and then the following day, I’m back to staying focused. Don’t forget to keep going no matter what. Every obstacle is a blessing in disguise. It’s up to you to find the lesson in it and apply it to your present and future. 

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