A Single Mom, a Holistic Female Entrepreneur, a Lady Boss

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    June 30, 2018
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Tiphanie Yan

Tiphanie Yan

Tiphanie Yan is an international certified Naturopathy Nutritionist, Life Coach, holistic therapist, spiritual healer as well as certified 500 RYT yoga instructor and Reiki Master. A single mom of two adorable children, a holistic female entrepreneur, a lady boss who is thriving to live her life to the fullest, to dream big and to help other women who face difficulties in their lives.

Tiphanie woke up one morning and decided to leave a so-called “perfect” life/marriage behind, took her most beloved treasures, the two children, and nothing more, alone back to Paris, where she’s determined to build her holistic empire. Tiphanie uses her own personal true story to inspire and empower women; she encourages women to grow, to rise, to lift others; she guides women to live an authentic life through love, abundance and freedom.

Blossom Life

”For all Boss ladies, if we want to have a successful career and business, we must take care of ourselves from inside out, when we feel healthy and happy, we are at our best, we are on the high vibration, we are completed and fulfilled, all the wonderful things will just follow you everywhere.” Tiphanie Yan

She believes life is a long journey there’s no completed or healed being exists, that everyone needs constantly to check in with themselves and becomes better self.

Tiphanie Yan created Blossom Life, a brand, a place, a community, most of all, it’s Tiphanie’s passion, to help women create health, change habits, balance life, heal relationships, self-actualize, thrive career, unblock their true potential, and become authentic selves. Read more on Blossom Life 

Today Women On Topp got the opportunity to interview Tiphanie Yan about Blossom Life, but also about how she all does it as a lady boss a mompreneur!

WOT: What inspired you to start BLOSSOM LIFE and where did your interest in health and wellness come from?

TY: It all started in 2014, after a decade of working  in a high intense fashion  industry in Paris, I had completely lost my true self,  the meaning of life, the essence of  being alive, mostly, my health, I became sick, very sick and no doctor, no specialists could help me and found out why; my marriage was falling apart, I developed all sorts of disorders, no psychologist and therapists did magic on me, thousands and thousands of od dollars wasted on labs and clinical psychologist visits, my world fell apart… One day, I woke up I told myself “that’s it, im tired of this shit, I’m going to take control of my own life, I’ll rewrite this chapter, my life doesn’t end like this”. So I stopped my fashion business, and went back to university to study naturopath and nutrition, sail my feet to Bali to get trained to be a yoga teacher, and trained to be a spiritual healer by some powerful famous mentor, also went through trainings to be a holistic therapist and life coach. I took over my life, I left my abusive marriage,  fought for my kids, moved country with them, started everything all over again and I cured myself. It was not through western conventional doctors or psychologist, I’m a living proof, and I am empowered to show and teach other women how I healed myself and they can do it too.

WOT: Can you describe your customers, do you focus on a specific group?

TY: I focus solely on women,  all types of women, CEO, entrepreneur, politician, boss, influencer, working mom, stay at home mom, mom to be even grandma!!! In my powerhouse, those women are strong, courageous, fun, positive, thriving, powerful, passionate, compassionate, confident, also they are vulnerable yet honest to stand up to face themselves and the world. 

WOT: What are your goals currently? As in vision and mission?

TY: I only have one goal that is to help as many women as possible, to spread my love and energy all over the world. My mission is to help women create health, change habits, balance life, heal relationships, self-actualize, thrive career, unlock their true potential. I want to empower women, to support, connect and inspire. I want to encourage women to grow, to rise, to lift others. 

WOT: How do you think BLOSSOM LIFE can strengthen and encourage Boss Ladies?

TY: I believe in order to live a sustainable happy life, you must keep mind, body and soul in check, if one part goes out of alignment, the whole equation goes wrong. The same for all Boss ladies, if we want to have a successful career and business, we must take care of ourselves from inside out, when we feel healthy and happy, we are at our best, we are on the high vibration, we are completed and fulfilled, all the wonderful things will just follow you everywhere.

I always think by just being a nutritionist, you can’t take care the physics and mind, same goes for the therapist, a yoga teacher can’t tell you how to get well from certain illness… I want to be able to help with my clients heal and get better from inside to physic, so I look at the root of the cause and make a personalized program for them, instead of running to 5 different specialists for help, with me they get everything sorted. I always believe this is what is lacking in health industry right now, a well rounded knowledgeable health profession, this is also why Blossom Life is so different and stands out among so many other health companies and programs.

WOT: We all have our good days and bad days. What is your typical bad day and typical good day look like? And how do you stay motivated all the time?

TY: Let me start with my good days ☺ I wake from a 9 hours uninterrupted sleep, my two kids are not suddenly gone wild after they wake up, I can finish a nice powerful 30 Minutes yoga practice while the kids have breakfast by themselves, and once the kids are in school that’s when I start my day, basically  if my morning goes smoothly my whole day will be just great! I’m a very happy positive person in nature, and I never really call  a day a “bad day” but I’d rather say I have had a bad moment,   for me motherhood is the only thing would bring me hiccups LOL, moments like both of them waking up cranky and whining, throwing a tantrum when I’m stuck with some important work, being a wild monster when we are invited to a nice event and I will be forced to leave early… There are tons of moments like this, and I think it is because of this kind of moment makes motherhood so real, so messy, so vulnerable, so imperfect, and so human, it always makes me understand myself even more, and I’ve learnt so much from being a mother, unconditional love, compassion, patience, forgiveness, responsibility, and it has made me become the woman I’d always wanted to be. My secrets of staying motivated all the time? My passion and love for life!! Live a life you have always dreamt of, build it, fight for it and keep it up!

WOT: What sacrifices have you had to make as an entrepreneur to become the person you are as a mompreneur?

TY: To become the person today, I walked away from an abusive marriage, I walked away from a comfortable and stable life,  I walked away from family an friends, I left for a new country, I Left all my material possessions behind,  I took the hands of my two childrens walking into the storm of uncertainty, wasn’t I scared ? Hell yeah!! I say to myself If I don’t make it, I will fail myself mostly fail my darling children, they are the ones trusted me with their entire hearts, they are the ones who supported me and stood by me when I was alone and nothing. Yes, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to become the woman I am today, but I never regret any bit of it, if you ask me to choose again,  I’d choose the same thing! Freedom and happy ending never come easy in history but it is glorious and empowering ☺  And you have all the power within you, it is just a choice and a strong heart, the reward is priceless. 

WOT: How would you describe your work style while being a mother and an entrepreneur?

TY: My friends and clients always describe me as wonder woman, In fact, I think all the working mothers (especially single mothers) are wonder woman!! There is no day off, or holiday(I work during my holiday too thanks to kids club)  You just need to be constantly juggling between the kids and work no matter where you are, my daughter calls me an octopus, I’d say I like to hands on all kind of situations and to be able to control them, I do my best to serve my clients and my kids at the same time, at the end of day I try even harder to serve myself,  I see self-love and self-care as a very important part of my daily life. 

WOT: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful mompreneur?

TY: Number one: self love and self care, without this even you succeed it won’t last, no one can serve anything from an empty jar, especially your kids are depending on you, they want a happy, funny, abundant, strong, powerful mom for them to look up to, we should do what ever we can to ensure them a happy secured childhood, so they will grow up to fight their own battle.

Number two: develop the ability of multitasking. I often find myself doing 4,5 things at the same time, feeding my son, talking with an accountant, writing an email, responding facebook messages, watch my daughter eat, sometimes I just wish we have 48 hours a day!!

Number three: never give up!!!  Never ever give up, sometimes it just feels like you will never get as many followers or subscribers no matter how hard you try, sometimes you just feel like your business just doesn’t move as fast as you visualized at the beginning, yes it sucks! You only fail when you stop trying, so keep fighting, then magic will happen.

WOT: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

TY: Being able to CONTROL everything !!! from the logo, website, mission, business plan, branding, marketing, contents, I AM THE BOSS! It just feels great when your business is the representative of your own personality, people just see you in the business itself. 

WOT: If you had one piece of advice to women who want to start out their own business, what would it be?

TY: Passion!! Listen to your heart and find out what your passion is, what is that one thing you can’t stop thinking about it EVERY SINGLE DAY! What sets your soul on fire?? Find it out,  Write it down, expand it, and allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession!


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