This is Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur

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    June 25, 2018
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Wana Miri - Founder & Owner Women On TOpp

It’s far too easy to get caught up in the grind and forget what’s most important: why you love what you do. So take a moment, put your work aside, and remember why you love being an entrepreneur.

Here are 8 reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.

1.Taking pride from what I’ve created

There are many sacrifices you make when you are an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is certainly not for everyone. But once or when you give everything you have and succeed, you are rewarded with a feeling of pride you could never get from being a cog in a big corporation. Nothing feels better than to succeed in something you’ve created.

2. I make my own decisions

With no board members, co-workers other stakeholders to report to, I have all the flexibility to make my own decisions which makes it fast and gives me a new start initiatives on the fly.

3. I can blame myself

If you believe in yourself, then it’s great to be fully accountable for the results you bring your clients. When everything rides on your shoulders, the fate of your business is squarely in your hands. On the other hand (of course), if you fail, the responsibility is yours and no one else’s.

4. I choose the people I work with

What’s better than to chose every single person by yourself. Having the ability to pick and choose people I work with is basically the best part. I can surround myself with talented people who are as visioned, driven as I am.

5. I can choose my clients with whom I work with

If you’re not working with clients you respect, it makes going to work an unpleasant experience. I love to work with entrepreneurs and business owners who are as passionate about their companies as I am about mine. When you work for someone else, you are often stuck working closely with clients you can’t stand.

6. I am in complete control of my calendar

This gives you the opportunity to manage your time and your time off. Entrepreneurs find it hard to give themselves a break, but it is important to have some kind of break when you have so much responsibility.

7. I have the freedom of not working for someone else

Everyone has worked at least once or more than once for some truly awful bosses. The good thing is that by working with bad managers I learned a great deal about what a good manager should do. The freedom of not working for someone else is everything!

8. I have job security

As the boss, I’m pretty sure I won’t get fired! On a serious note, I am much harder on myself than any boss would be. When you are responsible for the lives of so many people, it drives you to be your best. When I’m not working, I almost feel guilty!

So tell me did I forget any reason? Comment why you love being an entrepreneur?

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