1. Stop your obsession with money = first of 8 Basic Steps To Become A Millionaire

It may sound strange, that you read this to become a millionaire, but we’re telling you to stop obsessing about money. But, yes it really does work this way, thinking about money will distract you from building something big and growing wealth. It’s better to look differently at success. It’s not about money it’s about succeeding at things while doing something you love with passion. Money should not be a primary goal.

2. Check who you can help, in small ways

Successful people are always helpful. Yes, they are really good at working with other people and they understand everything anyone else does. Because you have to understand them, who else is going to help you build your dreams? Your employees, customers name it. If you don’t work well with them or don’t understand them they can never achieve or help you achieve your goals.

3. Serving people instead of thinking about making a million dollars

Your goal is to make money. But you must have a way of serving a lot of people instead of just a few. However, those people will not make you a millionaire. Let’s just say you have to reach and serve millions of people. So, serve a million people incredibly well.

4. Making money is a way to make more money

There are 2 kinds of people. One that makes things because of making money. They think the more there is made the more money they can earn. These people don’t care about what it is, as long as it pays. And the other kind of people is the ones that want to make money because it gives them the opportunity to make more money. They want to better their product. They want to make it bigger and extend it.

‘We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies’ by Walt Disney, don’t think any other quote can explain this better than Walt Dinsey’s

5. Do one thing better

Do something you are better at than other or most people. 1 thing, not more. You have to focus on one thing. Work on it, train, learn it, practice it, and evaluate it. Refine this.

6. Pick 10 people that are best at one thing

If you chose 10 people, ask yourself how did you pick those 10? How did you measure their success?

Take a close look at them, don’t just admire successful people. See how or what made them successful and try to use this for your own success..

7. Follow and track your progress all the time

Keep tracking your progress at least once a week. Because we tend to become what we measure. When you do this you will see what you have done. It will help you evaluate the key steps in your journey to become good at one thing.

8. Have a routine that makes progress

Create a routine for your everyday life. First, set a goal and try to build a routine around it every day. What do you have to do every day to achieve your goals? Secondly track and evaluate your progress, whatever does not work fix it. First, you will be good, then great and one day you will be the best.

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