60 Reasons Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

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    September 4, 2017
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Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

We cannot possibly think there’s anything better than to be an entrepreneur. Here are the reasons why. Most business owners will agree on at least one thing. But the reasons are endless Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur.

Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur

1. You can control fully your destiny. Being an entrepreneur is making your own decisions. This means no one will get in your way.

2. There are no better innovators than entrepreneurs. Think of every new idea that comes in our lives over the past years. All the idea’s we all once just a great one. Thanks to those people we have this amazing thing in our life (from all the ideas)

3. You will become a part of a family. People who are entrepreneurial know what it’s like. It is like being in a big family. This group of people will want to help you and there are no other people who will offer you advice than them.

4. You control who represents your brand. You can decide who can represent your brand. You can assemble a group of people who share almost the same drive and passion as you do.

5. You don’t have a dress code. Any CEO can decide what they want to wear.

6. You have the opportunity to change lives. Many ideas change lives. Don’t let anything stop you if you have an idea you think can change the world.

7. You have your own workplace. You have nothing to worry about because you have your own workplace. Decide whatever you want to have in your workplace.!

8. It provides a rush that is hard to duplicate. There is no greater shot of adrenaline than the one you receive after reaching a goal and knowing you worked extremely hard to get to that point.

9. You are a role model. We don’t know about you, but most people look up to entrepreneurs. Everyone knows you have the ability to be a role model. Not only to your employees but also to friends and family. You will be an inspiration to other people.

10. You will never be bored. You have always something to do. Every day is a new day. Because you have a mile-long to-do list.

11. You have the freedom to travel. Modern technology, remote employees, and the Internet allow you the freedom to travel while still running your business. Being able to see the world while creating an amazing company is a realistic possibility.

12. There is no age barrier. Entrepreneurs are starting at very young ages some straight out of college, some while still in high school and even children as young as 9 years old that

13. Your mind will always be utilized. Every single decision that involves your business is your responsibility, from the initial concept and branding to the growth and goal setting.

14. The satisfaction of saying you’re a business owner. You will be proud to say this is my company.

15. Go cubicle free. Entrepreneurs have total freedom to roam, create, delegate and work. There are no cubicles or desks to be tied to all day.

16. No one to blame. When you are an entrepreneur, there is no finger-pointing when something goes not the way you want. You will know that every decision that is made is made by you. As

17. Not feeling undervalued. You start your business, so you know you’re not undervalued. You know you have to make the business better.

18. You create something from nothing. Every business starts with an idea. You get to create it from the ground up.

19. You have opportunities to make a better mousetrap. Have an idea to make something better or more efficient? Make it happen!

20. Spend more time with family. Maybe not always but they have the ability to adjust their schedules.

21. You get what you give. If you work hard you will be rewarded accordingly. If you want to grow and have better opportunities you just simply work harder.

22. Provide opportunities for family members. Many will say that mixing family and business partnerships is a bad idea (and I agree) — but this is less of an issue when talking about an employer/employee relationship.

23. Opportunity to give back. Owning a business gives you the opportunity to support local charity events, local schools, and nonprofit organizations. Being able to make a difference in your community is a great feeling.

24. Become healthier. A flexible schedule allows you to create a fitness routine and stick to it. Hit the gym early in the morning, at lunch or in the evening — whatever works for you.

25. Enjoy your hobbies. As long as you “do the work” and give 100 percent when in work mode, your free time can be spent doing the things you love. Attend more sporting events, play more rounds of golf or fish more. Being an entrepreneur provides you with the ability to enjoy your hobbies more.

26. You contribute to society. You can directly impact society by introducing a service or product that people use.

27. No more frantically checking the time. How many times does the 9-to-5 crowd check the clock daily? Often. As an entrepreneur your time management balance is key. Your day ends when your tasks and responsibilities are taken care of.

28. You report to nobody. There is no boss to report to and you don’t have to get expense requests approved. If you want to do something you believe will help your business there is no red tape to navigate through.

29. It’ll be one of the biggest challenges you will face. Leading a company and team members on a growth path is a huge challenge. The obstacles you face along the way will provide you with an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

30. No career hamster wheel. Imagine doing the same thing every day for as long as you work. Thankfully, as an entrepreneur you don’t have to worry about this — you wear multiple hats and play a variety of roles.

31. The ability to pivot. If your business model slows down, you have the freedom to pivot. Think of how many businesses died because of the Internet. The ones with good leaders simply pivoted and made adjustments to survive.

32. You get to work with brilliant minds. As an entrepreneur, you will connect with extremely intelligent people from all over the world. You encounter brilliant minds on your team and through business relationships.

33. Create a legacy. Creating a successful brand to the point where it leaves a personal legacy behind is appealing and serves as motivation for many entrepreneurs.

34. Turn your passion and beliefs into a business. Are you passionate about health and fitness? Become a nutritional consultant or open a gym. You have the ability to create a business as well as impact people through your passions and beliefs.

35. You can make people happy. There is a good chance you own an Apple product — an iPhone, MacBook, iMac, iPod or iPad. These products bring a smile to the faces of millions every single day. Sure, Apple is making billions of dollars, but they are also making their customers happy.

36. You will never hit a ceiling. Some jobs have a growth cap and you can only advance so far. When you are an entrepreneur, there is no growth ceiling.

37. Earn a living doing what you love. Let’s face it, money is important. When you are able to make a comfortable living doing what you love it’s a win-win situation.

38. Feeling appreciated is great. It’s a great feeling when you receive an email or phone call from someone that took time out of his or her day to let you know that your business impacted them in a positive way.

39. Build your own security. It doesn’t get any more secure than controlling your own destiny. You will never stress about having the wrong person in charge of a business.

40. You get to constantly learn. As an entrepreneur, you are always learning lessons — sometimes the hard way. It is a priceless education that you can’t get in a classroom.

41. Eliminate downsizing or layoff fears. Businesses make cuts and lay off employees daily. That can be extremely stressful. When you become an entrepreneur this fear doesn’t exist.

42. Bad days could always be worse. A bad day as an entrepreneur is better than a bad day working for someone else.

43. No degrees or pieces of paper stand in your way. You don’t have to have a degree from an Ivy League school to start a business. In fact, some of the most successful tech billionaires dropped out of college.

44. You get to push the envelope. There are no boundaries — create, invent and disrupt as you wish. This is how brilliant ideas are born.

45. Satisfy your personal curiosity. Most entrepreneurs are curious — will my idea work? Can I grow this into a sustainable business? Can I be a good leader?

46. No more boring meetings. Gone are the days of boring meetings — now, if you are in a boring meeting, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

47. Media and press acknowledgment. When your company receives media coverage and validation it is extremely satisfying. Recognition for the hard work you put in helps fuel your inner fire.

48. You become a provider. You will provide so much for so many when you are an entrepreneur. Your employees will trust you and depend on you.

49. Create your own corporate culture. You will build your own culture. Like allowing your employees to work at home at some days. You can decide what environment you want to be in.

50. You will see how you grew personally. Time will fly when you are an entrepreneur, but you will love to see how you have grown as an individual.

51. You become an expert problem solver.  You solve a problem every time. Because you are the business owner you have no choice but to solve your problems. This means you become very resourceful.

52. It never feels like work. Working for your own company does not feel like working. If you disagree, it means you haven’t found what you truly love to do.

53. Even learning disabilities can’t stop you. Even learning a disability can’t stop you.

54. You will have endless life experiences. As an entrepreneur, you don’t mind traveling. Because you get to travel to various new places. You will keep meeting new people all the time. What some see as a business trip or conference, you see as a new experience to see new things and meet new people.

55. You develop an iron jaw. You will live through hard times too. Learning to take punches and still continuing makes you stronger.

56. You get to walk on the wild side. When you put your own livelihood and finances on the line because you believe in something 100 percent, it becomes an extreme rush.

57. You conduct your own performance review. Sales, company morale, growth, and customer feedback can all be used to judge your performance not some person with a clipboard and a generic Q&A review test.

58. You can compete with yourself. You keep competing with yourself. Because you want to be better than yesterday. Only you can motivate yourself and your employees. You have new goals every time.

59. You will dream big. Nothing is too big when you are an entrepreneur. Your dreams can be as big as you want.

60. You don’t have to be lucky. Being lucky has nothing to do with being successful. It’s just an excuse that will stop you from being successful.

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