6 Ways to Kick-Start Your Week the Right Way

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    February 14, 2022
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6 Ways to Kick-Start Your Week the Right Way

If your Sunday nights are spent worrying about Monday mornings and work, you are not alone. The feeling that the weekend is over is enough to put you in a sour mood for the rest of the day and week. Launching yourself back into work mode is anything but easy, but it is possible if you have the right mentality and motivation. 

You only need to know the right ways to have an excellent start to your week. And you have come to the right place if you are looking for such ways. So read on to know about the six ways to kick start a new week.

1 Prepare On Friday But Relax During Weekend

Monday is usually a busy day. You need to catch up after the weekend and prepare for another working week. On the Friday before the weekend, ensure that any work you start gets completed. So, you will have no unfinished business to handle when you resume work on Monday.

After completing your work on Friday, get ready to enjoy the weekends. Turn off the notifications on your phone and remain work-free. There is no point in looking at emails because it will only lead to unnecessary stress that you should only deal with in your office. 

Weekends are meant for ‘me’ or family time, so focus on things you enjoy doing. Take light foods and some remedies on the weekend. In that regard, buy CBD edibles online and try them for a relaxed week ahead.

2 Maintain a Balance between Sleep and Activity

Lack of sleep might impact your productivity levels and general mood to a great extent. Thus, you must get enough shuteye at night. If it’s a favorite program, you are waiting to watch, record it and sleep. However, keep in mind that excess sleep is also not a good idea. Balance it out with your activity level.

Go for a walk early in the morning to effectively boost your energy levels by 20 percent. If mornings are not the best time for you, choose the evenings. Workout helps in releasing happy hormones called endorphins that uplift your mood. And if nothing else, set a ten-minute routine daily.

3 Take Some Time on Mondays and Dress for Success

Waking up late on Mondays and rushing to reach the office is not how you would want to start your day. A hectic start to the week is one of the first things that you would like to avoid. So, try finding ways to make your Mondays more fun.

Let Mondays be the day you wear the newest purchase or favorite outfit to the office. If you are working from home, try to dress up a bit and sit down to work after. How you feel and the way you present yourself are directly correlated. Looking good is like a significant boost to your confidence at the start of a new week.

4 Do Not Skip Breakfast and Go Out for Lunch

Think of food as fuel. They give you energy for all the work that you are about to do during the day. Thus, for breakfast and lunch, you need to plan. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can be an on-the-go fruit juice or smoothie, jam on toast, or porridge.

Breakfast gets your metabolism up and running and stops your stomach from growling later. Also, take a break by having lunch outside on Monday. You can arrange to meet a family member or a close friend at a café or restaurant. A change in scenery and some light conversation will help you clear your mind.

5 Review the Week Ahead and Make Some Midweek Plans

A vital tip to remember about having a productive week is to know beforehand about what you will do during that week. The first thing you need to do on a Monday morning is to prioritize your tasks. Create a list of things that you plan to achieve during the week to attain maximum productivity. 

An excellent way to get through those Monday morning blues is to plan something to look forward to. You can arrange some family time or a special date night with your partner. Maybe you can catch up with friends sometime during the week. It helps to have some plans for maybe Wednesday or Thursday. What about watching a movie or investing your time in a good book to get some motivation?

6 Avoid Watching the Clock and Living For the Weekend

Wise men say that it takes longer to complete your work when you keep staring at the watch. Your day will drag if you keep checking the watch every five minutes. Instead, stay busy with activities and let the day go quicker.

Also, Mondays will feel too intolerable to bear if you keep on waiting for the weekend to come around again. So, have fun plans during the week to break up the monotony and have something to look forward to.


And that’s it! Go through these six excellent ways, and hopefully, you can now have a better start to the week than ever before. A workweek is always hectic, despite how much you plan or follow a routine. But things can get more effortless if you take the proper steps. So, here’s to a great week ahead.

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