6 Ways Hosting Virtual Events Can Benefit Your Small Business

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    July 16, 2023
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6 Ways Hosting Virtual Events Can Benefit Your Small Business

With a small business, it’s hard to market amongst larger and wealthier competitors. The internet can be vital for reaching people in and outside your community. Here are six ways hosting a virtual event can benefit your business. Read on 6 Ways Hosting Virtual Events Can Benefit Your Small Business.

6 Ways Hosting Virtual Events Can Benefit Your Small Business

1. They Increase Brand Awareness 

Virtual events can help you reach a much larger audience than you would hosting something in-person. People worldwide could see your event and choose to tune in or participate. More than two billion shoppers across the globe place online orders. Your business could get many new customers who otherwise would never hear about your products or services. 

You might already get many shoppers in your community, but potential customers could be unable to make it to your storefront due to health or time reasons. Hosting a virtual event lets them see what you’re all about and could encourage them to place an online order. If you’re in an area with a lot of competition, an online event can help your brand stand out. 

People who are more aware of your brand may feel more comfortable asking questions or commenting on their opinions, which allows you to connect with your audience like never before.

2. They Peak People’s Interests

Research shows that the average internet user spends two hours and 31 minutes scrolling through social media channels, glancing at the latest posts from the people and brands they follow. When you host a virtual event, you’re likely to garner interest from those scrollers, who will look to see what your live stream is all about. 

A virtual event differs from many brands’ standard text and image-based marketing, making your stream less likely to blend in with the crowd. Platforms like Facebook often start playing live audio from streams as users scroll past, immediately putting scrollers in the action’s center. 

Someone who sees your event might want to visit your location to see products more closely or seek your services. 

3. They Help You Generate Leads

When you host a virtual event, you’ll likely get emails or phone numbers for them to gain access to a webinar or enter giveaways. When they fill out their information, have them choose whether or not to see promotional content in the future.

You can then send them messages about sales and new products or services that they might not otherwise know about or offer exclusive perks that you only offer to those on your messaging lists. 

By having your attendees see your information regularly, you keep your brand present in their mind. Knowing they can easily access your company makes it easier for your customers to choose items from your business instead of trying to hunt down deals on their own. 

4. You Can Collaborate With Others 

Hosting a virtual event allows you to bring in other businesses and experts to deepen the event’s importance and expand your viewing audience. 

Collaborating with others attracts those from their customer and fan base to the event and provides the same benefit for those you work with. You can do cross-promotions and share valuable information about an important product or cause. 

People on social platforms who follow the other person or businesses will see the event if you tag them or they post about it, getting more eyes on your brand and generating more sales for everyone. 

5. You Can Measure the Results 

When you hold an event, it can be hard to gauge how many people and purchases happen. You’d have to be a mind reader to determine whether or not someone engaged with your event’s content. 

With internal and external analytics, you can track how many users were at your event and for how long. It also shows how long scrollers stayed on your post and how many liked, commented or clicked on any provided links. Reports have shown that 70% of businesses saw high attendance at virtual events than in-person events.  

Analytics can also give you an idea of which demographics view your content and when they will most likely engage with your business online. 

6. They’re Inexpensive to Hold 

When you choose to have an event, virtual often takes much less time and effort than in-person events. You don’t have to prepare your space, purchase favors or set up fancy sound and graphics. 

You can hold virtual events from anywhere, including your home or office. Many social media platforms like Instagram and video conferencing services like Google Meet offer free live streams for limited periods. Others offer low-cost memberships you can utilize throughout the year. 

The flexibility of virtual events lets you better manage your budget, allowing you to hold more events. 

Virtual Event Options 

You can hold many types of virtual events depending on your industry, budget and availability, including: 

  • Virtual previews: You can show off new products, store redesigns or upcoming promotions. 
  • Q&As: Get to know your customers better through question and answer sections. You can also gauge what products or services your audience might want. 
  • Flash sales: Hold special promotional events online where people can view and purchase a select amount of items at a significant discount. 
  • Expert interviews: Talk to interesting people around your industry about their products, services or experiences. 
  • Virtual classes: Use your products or services to teach your audience something that interests them. 

By mixing up the virtual events you hold, you can get different people interacting with your brand. 

Using Virtual Events to Benefit Your Small Business 

Holding virtual events is an excellent way to engage with and grow your customer base. With many opportunities and platforms, you can save money while expanding your small business. 

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