5 Inspiring Tips in Celebration of National Entrepreneur Day

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    November 17, 2020
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5 Inspiring Tips in Celebration of National Entrepreneur Day Womenontopp.com Women On Topp

Whether you dream of turning your side-hustle into a full-time gig, are currently in the process of launching a new business, or have been running your own company for years, being an entrepreneur or small business owner takes courage, strength, and determination. In celebration of National Entrepreneur Day, here are 5 inspiring tips to keep you motivated on your journey toward success.

1. Always believe in yourself

As a business owner, you will face challenges and obstacles. But, if you keep having faith in your ability to learn, adapt, and overcome difficulties, you can make anything happen. 

One of the most important things to remember as an entrepreneur is that everything begins and ends with you. Your belief in yourself and your brand is the fuel that you need to become successful. While every entrepreneur will feel doubtful and fearful along the way, the key is to stay focused on the greater purpose (your “why”) behind what you do. The more passionate you are about what you are creating, who you are serving, and how you can add value to your customers’ lives, the easier it will be to believe in yourself.

2. Be patient and persistent

Nothing great happens overnight. Through diligence, dedication, and determination, you can positively shape the future of your company. ⁣Throughout the process, remember that business is often a numbers game. 

As an example, Microsoft went public in 1986, which turned a 31-year old Bill Gates into a billionaire. He was asked at the time, “What was the secret to this success?”. His reply was, “There’s no secret. I worked really hard on my idea to get it as good as I could, and then knocked on door after door.”

When Bill Gates began his company, he pitched 1200 people, out of which 11 chose to invest. Imagine what would have happened to his career if he got discouraged and gave up trying after only contacting 100 people. 

3. Have fun along the way

We often are so fixated on the future that we forget to enjoy the present. Throughout your journey in entrepreneurship, enjoy the process. It will make the whole experience more fulfilling.⁣ While you are working hard toward your goals, remember to celebrate even the “little wins”. Have a long-range vision in mind, while staying present in the current moment. The more you can enjoy every achievement and victory, the more momentum it will create to help you get to the finish line.

4. Find your support system

From friends and mentors to accountability buddies, find people who keep you motivated, support you, and believe in you. This will greatly help you stay inspired when things get difficult.⁣ Whether you bounce ideas of these people, share your struggles with them, or just confide in them, having a group of people around you can help you stay inspired and motivated throughout this experience.

5. Create a healthy life-work balance

Entrepreneurs often feel an internal stress to work around the clock. Unfortunately, this leads to burnout and exhaustion. To keep your energy high, create personal boundaries. This means, turn off your phone before bed, decide when and how much you work, make time for your fitness and wellness, and prioritize time with family and close personal relationships. ⁣

Entrepreneurs are a different type of breed. They are self-starters, go-getters, dreamers, and doers. No matter what part of the entrepreneurial journey you’re on, congratulate yourself for having the courage to step out on your own, and become your own boss. Happy National Entrepreneur Day to all the inspiring female small business owners out there! 

Christina-Lauren Pollack

Christina-Lauren Pollack is a Digital Entrepreneur, the Lifestyle Blogger & Social Media Influencer behind Inspirations & Celebrations, and the Creator of the Inspiring Brands Academy™. With over a decade of experience running online businesses, her mission is to educate and empower women through inspiration and information. She has worked with 300+ leading brands (including Ulta Beauty, Reebok, Olay, etc.) on digital campaigns and has 300k+ followers and subscribers, including celebrities, top magazine editors, and industry insiders. Through the Inspiring Brands Academy™, she shares her knowledge with female small business owners by teaching them how to elevate their brands online. She is passionate about helping women learn digital branding solutions, social media marketing and advertising strategies, SEO & content marketing, influencer collaborations, and how to generate online publicity. To discover ways to help your business become more successful, follow @inspiringbrandsacademy on Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to the IBA e-newsletter by visiting https://inspiringbrandsacademy.net. 

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