5 Healthy Ways to Recharge During the Weekends

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    November 3, 2023
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5 Healthy Ways to Recharge During the Weekends

Do you look forward to your days off only to feel like they aren’t long enough? If you’re more tired than rested when Monday morning rolls around, you might not be spending your downtime wisely. Here are some healthy activities to do during the weekend to rest and recharge. Read on 5 Healthy Ways to Recharge During the Weekends.

5 Healthy Ways to Recharge During the Weekends

1. Practice Self-Care

You can pamper yourself any day of the week, but weekends tend to be more relaxing. Your days off can ensure you have adequate time to savor the moment rather than think about what you have to do next. Self-care has myriad benefits that alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and reduce stress. 

Treat yourself for making it through another week with something that feeds your soul. Do a face and hair mask and paint your nails while you watch your favorite film. Go shopping at your favorite store and visit your favorite coffee shop. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to practice self-care—whatever that looks like for you is OK. 

2. Eat Healthy

On the weekends, many of us might treat ourselves with dinner out as a reward for making it through the week. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also important to make sure you’re eating healthy foods to balance the junk food or beverages you might be enjoying. 

If you’ve ever had a late night fast food treat, you may know how can wake up feeling lethargic or bloated. Eating greasy foods or drinking alcohol all weekend can make waking up on Monday morning rough. Be sure to have a few balanced meals throughout the weekend to help your body recover from your nights out. 

Eat foods with vitamins and nutrients that will refresh your body. Foods with omega-3 fatty acids, for example, can help revitalize your skin to give you a healthy glow. Start your morning with a glass of orange juice instead of coffee for an energizing Vitamin C boost. Most importantly, stay hydrated all weekend long, and you’ll be ready to face the new week.   

3. Plan Your Day to Recharge

You might want to tackle errands after a work day so you don’t have to deal with them on the weekends. However, sometimes they’re unavoidable on your days off. If you aren’t careful, your errands can take up your entire day off, making you feel equally as exhausted as you are on a work day. 

You can curb this fatigue by planning your errands similarly to how you tackle work projects. Schedule a block of time dedicated to the tasks you want to accomplish, like a few hours on a Saturday morning. Constantly being plugged into work can cause you to feel overwhelmed and induce stress. That’s why finding ways to unplug during your days off is essential, even for obligational tasks or activities like grocery shopping or house chores. 

It’s also essential to find downtime where you can actually rest. Avoid filling your weekends with obligations so you can take the time you need to reset and recharge for your work week. Find calming activities that resonate with you and make you feel fulfilled. 

4. Catch Up With Friends

If social interaction fuels you, connect with friends for a happy hour or meet up for a meal. Attend a local concert or gathering to socialize and have some fun. If you prefer more intimate connections, reach out to a friend or family member for some one-on-one time, like a coffee date or a private lunch. 

Long work hours can make you feel disconnected from other people, especially if you work from home. If your work week makes you feel isolated, connecting with those you love can significantly boost your mood and help you return to work feeling refreshed. If you’re an introvert and your way to recharge is by spending some time alone, consider journaling or indulging in a good book to rest and reset. 

Other ways you can unwind and recharge are partaking in activities that allow you to turn your mind off while using your hands, like crocheting or baking. Calling a friend allows you to catch up while still allowing you to stay home and recharge the way you want. 

5. Prepare for Your Work Week

Another great way to recharge is to plan for your week ahead. Spending your days off preparing may seem counterproductive to finding rest. However, adequate planning can significantly improve your work week. Completing little tasks, like meal prep or filling in your daily calendar for the week ahead, can make your week go smoothly. Planning ensures that meetings aren’t forgotten and you have time for lunch on busy days.

Organizing your space and tidying up can vastly improve your mental health and increase happiness. A clean space will also increase your focus and concentration, allowing you to efficiently complete tasks. When your space is clutter-free and organized, you’ll alleviate unnecessary stress.

Recharging Your Batteries During the Weekend

Finding ways to recharge your batteries for another work week can take many forms. You should take the time to recharge any way you want. Whether you practice some self-care or set aside time to prepare for Monday morning, you’ll improve your focus, productivity and creativity when your week begins. 

Cora Gold

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