4 Reads To Inspire Your Work Flow in 2018

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    January 2, 2018
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4 Reads To Inspire Your Work Flow in 2018. When stuck we tend to brew in self-loath and more often than not, are reluctant to ask for advice or discuss our failures with friends or partners at work. Here are brief reviews of books that you can look into if you are in need of an inspiration or a magic butt-kick.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

Stephen Covey is an author, motivational speaker and a businessman. This book is one of the most popular out of his creations and has been a top-seller worldwide. The book itself is structured around simple principles that can help one achieve personal and career growth. It is not as easy of a read as other self-help books on success and determination, and requires a full commitment as well as detailed attention. First published in 1989, it is a fascinating piece to lay eye upon, especially considering that the market has been flooded with related publications that replicate similar points.

Creative Confidence, by David and Tom Kelley

Regardless of your career choice, creative juice needs to flow constantly to generate gripping ideas. This book is full of exercises and simple tricks that will help your inner artist grow. It teaches freedom within imagination, how to cleverly and accurately brainstorm, and even how to manage co-workers to innovative swirl. The beauty of this book is that the concepts can be applied in all stages of your project and in spite of your position.

The ABC’s of Success, by Bob Proctor

Although the title may come across as pretentious, giving thought to that there is no magic potion (or book at that) to really grant your dreams, there are some engaging chapters worth following through. It is very easy to read and can be a joyful break from research, papers or novels on your bedside table. Keep in mind that after finishing this one, you can’t really let it sit on your shelf without you being the living proof that success is attainable. Pass it around to your girlfriends while you are proving (more importantly to yourself than others) that you really can do anything.

The Power To Get Things Done, by Chris Cooper and Steve Levinson

If procrastination has hit unbearable levels, procrastinate cleverly. Reading a book on how to get things done may (or may not) help to feel less guilty of neglected tasks, but at least you know you have given it a try. Each chapter of this book has a section of questions that you should answer straight away and with honesty. Facing your duties is not as hard as facing yourself. Sitting down in quiet and thinking things through out loud or on paper will help, whether you read this book or not.

Melissa Fino

Melissa Fino is a defiant high school dropout who went on to receive her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Southern California. Melissa applies her life experience with unexpected challenges and numerous insecurities to empower women to let go of the negative in their lives and embrace the positive. Currently, she is the CEO of LoveYourLife Community, a conscious life change coach for women, writer, blogger and speaker.

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