11 Tips To Let Your Intelligence Shine Through In a Meeting

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    April 24, 2023
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11 Tips To Let Your Intelligence Shine Through In a Meeting

Work-life and hectic schedules can be quite overwhelming and drain you all week long. What’s even more disturbing are the official meetings that take place now and then. Also, the constant surge of new ideas and pressure to meet the deadline may take a toll on your confidence levels. Read on 11 Tips To Let Your Intelligence Shine Through In a Meeting.

You can try out the easy tips to appear smart and thoughtful during the meetings in such cases. All you need to do is jot down the project details and nod whenever you can. Along with this, try to be kinder and ask if anybody needs anything. 

If you’re still confused about the ways to appear smart, then read on. 

11 Tips To Let Your Intelligence Shine Through In a Meeting

1 Ask If Anybody Needs Anything 

One of the best ways to present yourself as a considerate person is by offering help. You can get up right before the meeting starts and ask if anybody needs anything. Such a gesture might reflect a kind and thoughtful vibe, making others confide in you. Also, you get to spend a few minutes out of the stressful environment of the meeting room. Even if nobody needs anything, you may get some beverages or snacks anyway. The sight of snacks on the table is likely to compel your workmates to eat during boring meetings. That way, the act may create a positive impact on your colleagues and make you look smarter. 

2 Stick To A Confident Facade 

No matter how nervous or irritated you are, you must create a confident facade in the meeting room. Nobody likes working with a person who gets intimidated by new ideas and projects. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain your calm and stay composed during the meetings.

Also, you must ask questions and prepare for the meeting beforehand to boost your confidence levels. In case you know what the meeting is about, you can always brush up on the concept and create some thoughtful questions before the meeting. 

3 Write Whenever You Can 

Another crucial tip to appear thoughtful and attentive in the meeting is by writing down the project details. You must take a notepad and a pen along and jot down whenever possible. Or maybe you can make some flowcharts while the team lead introduces new ideas and details. That way, you appear more attentive, indulged in the meeting, and smart. Pen down the details even before you know the main topic of the meeting. Not only will it transform your appeal, but it also makes you appear insightful. Also, you can nod while writing or looking at the presenter to reflect knowledge and understanding of the project. Such easy tips are quite effective in enhancing your appeal during the meeting hours. 

4 Step Out For An Important Call 

Another tip to enhance your persona in front of your colleagues and boss is to take the phone call in between the meeting. Instead of ignoring the calls, you can always take one or two calls. Also, present yourself as if the phone call is much more important than the meeting. Such a gesture is likely to make others intimidated by your life and the events. But, try not to over-do this and limit yourself to a maximum of two phone calls. Once you get back, ask the presenter to summarize the stuff again. Not only will it make you appear interested, but it also incorporates a sense of appreciation in the presenter’s mind. 

5 Walk Around The Room 

Did you know walking around boosts your creative abilities and makes you appear smarter? During the meetings, you can present yourself as a thoughtful individual just by pacing around the room. Such an act is likely to make your colleagues intrigued by what’s on your mind. Also, you get to develop a creative insight on the task at hand and find out effective solutions for the same. After a few minutes of slow walking, you can present your ideas to the team lead. You may try deep breathing to stimulate your nerves and beat the anxious thoughts. 

6 Ask Questions 

Remember the school days when you used to judge your classmates’ smartness based on the number of questions. It’s about time to apply that strategy in your professional life. Make sure to listen and ask some insightful questions during the meeting. It could be anything ranging from the core concept of the project or the effectiveness of the proposal. In case you don’t seem to understand the project, you can always use an idiom. The more you speak and question the presenter, the more are your chances of appearing smart. Make sure to interact and improve your appeal in front of colleagues in no time. 

7 Maintain eye contact

Additionally, it’s important to maintain eye contact during the meeting to appear more engaged and attentive. Avoid looking at your phone or computer unless necessary. It’s also helpful to speak up when you have something valuable to add to the discussion, but avoid interrupting others or speaking just for the sake of speaking.

8 Be prepared

Before the meeting, take some time to review the agenda and any materials or reports that will be discussed. This will help you understand the topics and be able to contribute more effectively.

9 Stay focused

During the meeting, try to stay focused on the discussion and avoid distractions. Put your phone on silent and avoid checking emails or browsing the internet. This will show that you are engaged and interested in the topic at hand.

10 Use data and facts

When making a point or presenting an idea, use data and facts to support your argument. This will show that you have done your research and have a deep understanding of the topic.

11 Speak clearly and confidently

When you do speak, make sure to speak clearly and confidently. Avoid using filler words like “um” or “uh” and try to articulate your ideas in a concise and articulate manner.

Another tip is to dress professionally for the meeting, as it can impact how others perceive you. Make sure your attire is appropriate for the meeting’s setting and purpose.

Lastly, remember to stay positive and avoid complaining or criticizing others during the meeting. Instead, focus on finding solutions and contributing to the team’s goals. A positive attitude can go a long way in making you appear smart and thoughtful.

Final Verdict

Work schedule is an essential part of your life and demands a significant chunk of your attention. The need to focus on work increases if you’re running behind in meeting the deadlines. In case you’re unable to focus on the meetings, you can still create an intelligent image in front of your colleagues. All you need to do is follow a few tips and tricks. Start by jotting down the information and nod during the presentation. Also, try to walk around with a deep, thoughtful look on your face. These actions make you appear confident and smart at the same time. 

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2 thoughts on “11 Tips To Let Your Intelligence Shine Through In a Meeting

  1. This article is SO degrading towards women… I’m glad you took it off LinkedIn, but the content on this site is really good. Glad you changed the title from “6 Tips to Appear Smart in Meetings” – to this. SMH. It’s 2021… women don’t need to ask people if they need a coffee, pretend to write something down, step out for a call, or walk around the room to “appear” smart. This is a shameful reach. I’d love to rewrite this, and teach you, and women how they can FEEL confident…not just thoughtfully nod, to LOOK confident.

    1. Is this article really meant to be insightful or inspiring? The main take away is “fake it” rather than anything about actually being intelligent, feeling confident and intelligent or, if you need to take steps to educate yourself to reach a point of intelligence, how to do so. This reads more like low quality click bait. It got me, but instead makes me less inclined to read on.

      The “final verdict” suggests that you still need to appear intelligent when distracted or not focused. In my experience, the more intelligent and responsible thing to do, if more time or focus is needed to make good and productive use of time, would be to explain why you need to cancel or postpone this meeting. Be clear, up front and intentional about the quality you expect of yourself and others and don’t waste your own or other people’s time. That had in my view always shown a greater level of intelligence than appearing to be fake busy. Please try to empower and not degrade.

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