Would You Date Your Hustle?

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    July 7, 2019
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Start viewing your career as a potential date.  I see many people settling in their careers, putting their own needs, care, and passions last.  There are obligations, comfort, and expectations to live up to that justify the mediocracy that many become chained to.

So how do you choose the right career for you right from the start?  Assess it intuitively just as you would a potential partner. You wouldn’t settle for mediocre love, would you?  Well, then your hustle should be evaluated under the same precautions.  One of the most beautiful trait we possess as women, is that we are deeply intuitive.  We have instincts that can’t be matched, but we so often neglect listening to them.  Here are some ways to tap into that intuition and find a hustle that is “marriage material.”

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Are you happy?

One essential piece of finding a career that will enhance your life as oppose to deplete it is the quality of happiness found being in that field.  Do you feel drained, exhausted, and uninspired?  Just hanging in there for the paychecks and looking forward to the weekends?  Flip the script, would you settle for a partner because of what they can offer you monetarily, even if you weren’t happy?  Looking forward only to the material items you can buy and the vacations you get to go on, but on the daily feeling really down about yourself and feeling continuously repulsed by your partner?  I would hope not.  

Happiness is the ESSENTIAL part of a hustle that you need in order to stay thriving.  If you’re not happy, your energy will match that, and then you will be stuck in a hole larger than you can even imagine.  

Take a deeper look today on how happy you currently are in your job- get honest with yourself.

The interview.

Connection is key in establishing a decent relationship with your job.  The interview is massively important because there are many intuitive channels to tap into during this time.  What’s your intuition telling you, deep in your gut, about the energy of the place and the people?  We all have that first impression, and it usually isn’t wrong, despite “the best foot forward” policy that is played out in the beginning of the process.  We just try to ignore it in order to appease our expectations.  When we do this, we essentially lower our own standards in an attempt to meet another’s.  Keep your standards high.  Ask the questions and look for what fits and what doesn’t.  Do not negotiate on the standards you have.

Similarly, on a first date, we use that time to make connections. Everyone is dressed to impress, but pay attention to see what similar morals and values are shared.  See if there’s chemistry, or red flags.  Same applies here, if there are red flags that we push down to make all other qualities seem picture perfect, then we just lowered our own standards to meet someone else’s.  Will that lead to a happy relationship?  Absolutely not.  The temporary fix of lowering your own expectations, in any regard, so that waves aren’t made, will only lead to bigger problems down the road.  

Red flags- pay attention to them.  Do not make excuses for their existence.

The passion.

Last, but certainly not the least, does this career feed your creativity?  Are you waking up thinking about the greater purpose and how you can contribute to that greatness?  Do you feel that there is room to grow and that the best is yet to come?  These are feelings of passion.  These are intrinsic motivators that will keep you fighting past the tougher times.  That will keep your perspectives positive amidst trials.  This is the part that screams authenticity because it is YOUR way of making it yours, which is irreplaceable.

Compare this to a relationship- what are you most excited about?  If there’s nothing more to work towards, grow into, or create together- the relationship is dead.  There has to be some spark of excitement to keep things alive.  If there’s no ability to grow together and equally contribute, the relationship will sever. Passion is the secret emotion that keeps things fresh, innovative, and unique. Savor this one, do not allow it to escape you. 

I can’t wait to watch you marry the hustle of your dreams! Xo

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Christi Pratte

Christi Pratte

Founder of The Passion Warrior Project, Christi is a multi-passionate lifestyle blogger and advocate for women who are looking to find more self-love and purpose within their careers. Having spent years juggling five plus jobs simultaneously, scratching out weekends, and becoming an avid coffee lover, Christi has become passionate about helping others find adequate time to devote to self-care, fight for what they believe in, and organize the chaos of life so that they can continue doing what they love most. Speaking from personal experience, she brings a high level of expertise and insight when it comes to hustling with heart. She believes that all women deserve to live a life they love, starting with loving themselves. She has dedicated her time to continuous personal development via podcasts and literature, opening up an online book club, The Chic Lit Collective, to invite women to do the same. This is a space used to encourage connection and community because life is more powerful when shared.

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