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    November 7, 2017
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Women in the past

When I read books or watch films describing the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries many times I can not imagine that women had very small social roles. Looking at the present times and some cultures I understand it could to be like that. A woman was considered a household “item” or husband’s “card”. Till today these “business cards” still exist but fortunately, women with head on their shoulders want more from life. However, it is worth mentioning what started the transformations that gave the woman courage and voice. These were suffragettes mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The lead was the right to vote for women and it was the first step to change. Another revolution that gave women the voice was the employment of women after the First World War. Employers had no hands to work, so the factories were forced to accept women.

Women today

Over the years women and their rights have grown stronger. More and more talked about and worked on this issue. There are also many organizations in the world who have supported women in various aspects of life and business including the International Council of Women in and the National Organization for Women or the Young Women’s Christian Association in the UK. These are just a few of the many foundations, associations and other forms of promotion and support for women. Admittedly, not all women are treated equally with men but if we will more act in this area then it will give the bigger chance of achieving the goals. Women increasingly prove that they are worthy of their high positions through their skills, but also by highly developed emotional intelligence. We women have that “something” in themselves which allows us to find in every situation.

Women`s Power

The strength that women have in themselves consists of several skills and character traits. Surely you have them all but maybe you are not aware of them yet. I believe that you will find those sparks which give you fresh energy for develop of you in a great way. I am sure that you have:

  • Psychic power – it is said that “no matter how many times you fall, important is how many times you have to get up”. We women sometimes stumble and sometimes we fall down with a big bang. Sometimes we do not notice the small stones that are warning us, and sometimes we just fall over without warning. However, it is important that we can always shake off and get up. Sometimes it takes us more or less time, but we take lessons from it and we go on stronger. As we often do many roles in life (wife, mom, friend, boss) at the same time we somehow develop some elasticity and margin of error or tolerance, it also helps us to get together faster.
    Tip: Surround yourself with those you love and who love you

  • Personality strength – it involves psychic power, but personality is already our second skin. There are no two that same women in the world, we are unique. We can be similar in appearance or behavior, but the details that differentiate us are our personal brand. This determination, or the passion we carry, distinguishes us from the gray crowd. If you love yourself and feel good in your own skin then you literally shine and it can be seen at first glance.

    Tip: Be yourself, no one else has a personality like you. You will be original.

  • Multitasking – we women have the ability what men envy to us – divisible attention. We can focus on 2 and sometimes more things without losing attention. It was probably in our the genes when our great-grandmothers were dealing with children, home and other things at one time. Today, this skill is invaluable in business – we can manage, develop and be a real woman in one.
  • Tip: Manage and rule, but sometimes find a time to rest.

  • Courage – Even though we are talking about “poor sex”, we have the power of inquiry, we want to know more, feel stronger and experience more. If we (women) want something there is no power to stop us. If we set a goal that we want to achieve, we will find a way to get it. We are not afraid to stay on the road alone – on the contrary, our personality will help us find people who will help us achieve what we want -.
  • Tip: Do not look for doubts, look for opportunities.
  • Ambition – it is unquestionable that we are ambitious – sometimes even more than men -. We want to become real women, as businesswomen, artists or mothers. Sometimes this ambition is also due to the fact that we want to show men that we are the same bosses (sometimes better) and people and we deserve the same or even more. If you want something more than just getting out of bed, if you want to fulfill your dreams then ambition will take you to the top.

    Tip: Set the goal and the way to achieve it and do it.

  • Emotional Intelligence – and that no one can take that from us, so we know how to win people. There is a saying that “a woman soothes customs” and there is something in it. These women have this empathy and a sense of the situation. Even with the most complicated situations, we can find a way out without destroying the environment. We are able to perceive the situation of the other side and see many things from another perspective. The distance that we gain is extremely important.

    Tip: Have an open heart and mind, and you will meet the right people.

  • Learning from mistakes – women are more likely to admit mistakes than their colleagues. For an average man to make a mistake is like a flaw for the ego or something that should not happen. True leaders, including women, treat mistakes as a lesson for the future – they draw conclusions and improve what could go wrong in the future.

    Tip: Do not worry about what others think, it’s your life and you’re in that car with a driver.

  • Self-awareness – this attribute gives the woman energy! This is like a door to discovering yourself and your power. If a woman is fully aware of her abilities, self-confidence and all the advantages (accepting defects) it has a spark to win the world.

    Tip: Love yourself and wonderful things will start to happen.

These are just a few of the features that make a woman not a player but someone who sets the rules. Sometimes it happens that we are uncertain or afraid to try. Despite this, it is worth taking a first small step. If you do this the next one will already have a breath of fresh air in your lungs.

Remember: impossible does not exist!


Monika Bienias – Łocheńska

Monika Bienias – Łocheńska, was born on Friday, March 13, 1987 in Blachownia, lives in Czestochowa/Poland in the intervals between journeys. She graduated from Management at Częstochowa University of Technology. She founded her first company when she was in the middle of study in the University. Her favorite sentence is: ‘’You will not see until you try’’ – it is a base of her actions. It is a woman who loves challenges and is looking for new activities and opportunities. For several years, she has traveled Europe and the United States.

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