WOMAN ON THE RISE: Two up-and-coming New York Entrepreneurs Take Roses Where They Have Never Gone Before

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    February 8, 2022
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WOMAN ON THE RISE: Two up-and-coming New York Entrepreneurs Take Roses Where They Have Never Gone Before

Meet Lorraine Brown & Taylor Randi Lee-Founders & CEO’s of Enchanted Brands LLC, a wellness company that specializes in CBD infused rose-based products.

Lorraine is a New York-based entrepreneur who recognized at an early age her love for creativity. She has participated in activities that have engaged and attributed to her love for media, innovation, and commerce. She has spent several years being a creator defining her interest in media, arts, and psychology. She received a BA in media & communications and is currently in the process of obtaining a MA to become a creative arts therapist. She has over 10 years of experience in customer service, 5 years of experience as a professional photographer, and most recently stepping into the cannabis industry to create this lifestyle brand whose goal is to educate, create products and participate in experiences that highlight wellness and healing benefits of the plant. Building Enchanted Brands has been a dream come true combining ALL of the things that she is passionate about into one.

Taylor Randi Lee is a New York-Atlanta-based cannabis advocate, educator, and entrepreneur. After spending nearly a decade working in athletics and various levels of Football Operations & Recruiting, Taylor decided to take her talents to the Cannabis industry in 2020, where she has had the opportunity to work with New York’s largest vertically integrated Hemp Farm and its Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Development departments. Most recently Taylor joined the team at Law Pocket- a legal tech company that dedicates itself to bringing people all over the world access to legal resources in seconds. Here she is currently spearheading the creation & implementation of their University Resources Platform “LPU” and their Cannabis Law reform initiative, where resources for expungement of records and clemency for those wrongfully convicted of Cannabis “violations” will be made available to those in need. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science from Lock Haven University & a MBA from Florida Atlantic University. Taylor is also an active member of NORML The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law.

What inspired you to start ENCHANTED and has everything evolved during the pandemic?

The idea for Enchanted started in July of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Through a wellness checkup, Lorraine found out she was highly allergic to tobacco from there the idea was born. Some would say we were overly ambitious or even insane to attempt to start a business in a time of economic uncertainty, however, at that moment, our minds were craving creativity and we had an unforeseeable amount of time to explore due to state “stay at home” mandates. We were able to throw all we had into the development and creation of our very first brand and products, from that point it was all up! Early that August we began to search for the most natural and healthiest way to consume botanicals, after doing extensive research we found that, when grown organically, all natural and pesticide-free roses were one of the purest flowers to inhale. Even better, being avid CBD users we combined innovation & creativity to develop a technique that would allow us to infuse all-natural roses with the finest grade of CBD oil. Within this process, we also observed that Lorraine was not the only smoker suffering from this allergy, even better we noticed there were no other businesses or brand concepts that catered to this preference thus Enchanted a botanical lifestyle brand that is committed to re-imaging the perception of Roses, CBD and the smoking experience was born.

Can you describe your customers?

Our customers or as we like to call it “our community” are those who are interested in making a mindful choice towards all natural products and the healing benefits of CBD, our current demographic includes both women and men ages 18-45, however we intend it to being a lifestyle where people can choose to LIVE ENCHANTED

Can you tell us what you do as the founders of ENCHANTED?

As the founders of Enchanted, our most important job is to be the Brand Ambassadors, constantly sharing who we are and showcasing what we provide. When we meet people who’ve never heard of the brand, our goal is to make an impression, not by selling our products [they sell themselves], but by educating on what we’ve learned so far, the healing and health benefits of our products and why we personally choose to #LIVE ENCHANTED. The passion that we have for our brand allows us to maintain the day-to day tasks of a business owner and reflects towards our clients who are investing in themselves and the brand. Though at times tasks are mudane and tiring, to say the least, the vision we have makes it all worthwhile.

In addition, the process of learning for the brand takes precedence including, product, consumer, and industry research which continues to inspire us daily. We are constantly piggybacking ideas and concepts to each other that allow us to learn from one another, we also have endless visions for the brand that we intend to bring to life all while creating an empire. Our steadfast vision will push females forward by being the example, being first-generation African-American women in business who are striving to help break through the glass ceiling in the cannabis industry. We are committed to learning every day, evolving who, what, why, and how we can be of service to the industry and community of consumers with our brand.

What else should we know about you? What sets you apart from the competition? How did you start with ENCHANTED? And what investment was needed?

What people should know about us is how intentional we are about the brand and the products we provide. We are a solution-based business whose priority is improved wellness. We explore each product and idea ten times over between two uniquely beautiful brains. We both have many years of business, marketing, and customer service experience through our individual endeavors from school, retail, and hospitality fields. Combining both our expertise across a multitude of experiences, we are the perfect recipe for making all of our brand dreams come true. We are able to and plan to continue to branch into so many different endeavors within the scope of our industry and are highly ecstatic and capable of breaking through the glass ceilings of possibilities. 

We started Enchanted with our own contributions of many long nights of trial and error to make the perfect products. We used our resources of family, friends, and local businesses, who consistently support us whether that is spreading the word, buying our products, or providing their own resources to aid in projects and the overall vision. We are so blessed for those who have and continue to believe in us as individuals and Enchanted Brands, LLC. Our biggest investment has been having FAITH in ourselves, our higher power, and the ability to continuously evolve.

Can you share tips from your past experiences?

Yes! We believe the most important thing to remember throughout every point of your journey, even in the very beginning is to always protect yourself and those around you by dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. What this looks like is having consistent and clear communication with the individuals you do business with by protecting both parties with a contract that reflects the communication you’ve had. This way there is no confusion and relationships are positively maintained. We also believe it is important to positively take in and welcome constructive criticism from the right sources, we don’t always have it figured out and guidance should always be appreciated especially at the start of your business journey.

What is the one technology trend within your industry that cannot be ignored? What has been the biggest challenge/ hurdle you have faced so far?

The technology trend that has skyrocketed so many small businesses and keeps us decades behind realistically speaking, is the lack of support on mainstream social media platforms. When it comes to promoting, most cannabis companies are blacklisted with restrictions from the outdated language in their advertising policies. We are shadowbanned and unable to benefit from popular trends or promotional boosters through these platforms. Our page is currently disabled from promotions which has a direct negative influence on our connecting with our community of customers and online sales. In addition, it is completely depleting to our creative process when we know more than likely our content won’t be seen but it is still an important part of our process. Every month we spend time planning content, scheduling photo shoots, and doing our best to bring our vision to life. We can’t wait until we and other cannabis companies have a fair opportunity to create and be seen.

What has been your biggest milestone/achievement so far?

In March, we were able to reinvest profits made from our business back into our community by launching our first March Madness Sneaker Drive with the goal of collecting 100 pairs of sneakers to be provided to those in need. With our brand’s mission in mind, we intended to provide refurbished sneakers to local organizations and provide a space where people in need could attend and feel welcomed in obtaining clean, comfortable, and fitted shoes that are essential to improving quality of life. With the assistance of local businesses in our communities who hosted collection boxes and all of those who donated, we were able to collect and provide 400+ pairs of sneakers at our Sneaker Drive Giveaway in May, while also being able to provide hot meals, masks, music, and fun for a joyful event for all those who were able to visit. This was a huge milestone / achievement because we were \ able to fulfill a goal of ours which was to reinvest back into the community that raised us to be the women we are today all while having the opportunity to serve our community with an open heart.

When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?

Emotionally, it is distracting and at times mentally taxing especially when you have a clear vision / plan for something and a setback comes into play. However, what we’ve learned through this journey is, when setbacks pop up, because they will, how you come back from it is key, remembering always that moments like these are opportunities to try, try again until you achieve what you want. RESILIENCE is KEY.

Share two pieces of advice for female entrepreneurs.

Do not EVER be afraid to use your voice to challenge a thought or opinion that may affect you or others, especially when it comes to your business. You are your BEST and TRUEST advocate and a voice for those who may not have the words, so show for yourself and others by using it when necessary. -Taylor Randi Lee.  

One of my favorites is the bread aisle analogy, I’d actually like to get a picture framed and put up at our future warehouse, I share it all the time. It’s the idea that you don’t let the fact that others have done something before stop you from creating something that is uniquely YOU. The process, intention, display, and goal of what you create is yours to run with, so fly! -Lorraine Brown

What are your ultimate goals for the business?

Our ultimate goal for Enchanted is ever-changing as we continue to set and accomplish goals, however, we intend to be a pioneer in the cannabis industry by setting the tone in what and how we provide. We envision Enchanted to be a household/retail lifestyle brand that pioneers in providing refined, all-natural, Rose, and CBD products. Our current product line Rosewoodz focuses on providing ready-to-use, all-natural, tobacco-free smoking products curated for a clean and enhanced smoking experience. 

Enchanted BH&W is a beauty brand that specializes in providing all-natural, clean, refined, products using Rose and CBD, created for improved beauty, self-care, and overall wellness that promotes a healthy lifestyle. In the future, we foresee expanding on the products and services we can provide, focusing on improved wellness through education, lawful and reputable everyday living products, projects that are aligned with our mission, and experiences that promote a healthy lifestyle for those seeking cannabis use.

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