Why Women On Topp blog exists

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    August 19, 2014
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Women On Topp is a blog made for ambitious women in business.

Sadly there are a lot of women who don’t know what they are capable of, with the many great abilities that they have. So they just forget about their dreams or even chose not to strive for it.

These women have no idea that they can be a big inspiration to other women in business! If they actually chase their dreams!

Also! It’s a common knowledge that there are very few female rolemodels in business. The lack of motivation and inspiration for ambitious women in business leads into a vicious circle, back to few female rolemodels in business.

And.. Because the amount of many manly business blogs which are made and read by men only. Women On Topp is made for women’s inspiration only.
So beyond this Women On Topp blog there is a meaningful message we want to bring across and make business world more accessible for ambitious women.

To make the business world more accessible for ambitious women, we post daily a little dose of motivational quotes. Also now and than there will be a blogpost which will inspire the viewers with tips!

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