Ways To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Boss Life

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    October 24, 2019
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Each one of us has the power to change our present. But attracting positive energy to our lives requires our active participation. Developing life habits and routines that favor these purposes is the first key step to live in a personal and professional environment full of aspirations and good energies. Again, it all depends on you. It’s a commitment to decide to carry out deep cleaning of the negativity and to enhance all positive that we have in order to have the lifestyle we crave.

The importance of how you start your mornings

Create morning habits that enhance your health. If you don’t have very structured mornings, make a plan to change that. Having a good morning routine can help you wake up feeling that you have an address and purpose. Also, your mood and attitude will be better. Drinking water upon waking to oxygenate, stretch and have a good breakfast would be a good start while you keep yourself away from electronic devices and meditate on the goals of the day. Maybe some music, and go to start the day with great energy.

Tidy minds live in tidy spaces

The benefits of living in an orderly, clean, and harmonious environment are unquestionable. Make sure you don’t have accumulations of things that you no longer use at home, your office or at your workplace. Avoid dirt and lack of ventilation. An environment disinfected, tidy, and clear will favor the movement of your activities. You can use aromatherapy products and plants, everything that brings us into a state of well-being.

Lead your thoughts

Be careful of what you think because it can come true. It must be you who directs your thoughts and not they are the ones who condition you and your mood. Focus on the positive and anticipate possible risks working in progress. Put an order in your thoughts to achieve the balance between your responsibilities and your personal moments. A practical vision of worries and a liberated mind will make you see things much more positive and clear.

The power of positive affirmations and the gratitude lists

Take a sheet of paper and write three positive statements about yourself, three objectives in the present as if they had already happened, and three things for which you are grateful every day. Write and repeat it in your mind, let it be your tantra. Convince yourself. Listening to pleasant realities and positive language is like food for our mind. These are techniques that will help you train your mind to be your own personal motivator and an efficient guide for your path.

Respect your mental and physical rest

We should be aware of our time to rest, especially if we have a hectic life. Our mind and body need relaxation to keep an optimal and productive journey. Adopt healthy resting habits. Reading, clearing the mind before sleeping, taking a relaxing infusion or meditating few minutes before bedtime will make your rest a real pleasure.

What you eat defines you

A varied diet rich in vitamins will keep you active, cheerful and physically fit. Far from becoming crazy about diets, making sure to eat healthily will make us feel the difference. Strengthen your self-esteem by taking care of yourself as much as possible from the inside out.

Share the best

Let what you say to express your best self. Everything you express out loud or to others should reflect the best of your repertoire. Always try to speak positive and express your ideas in a respectful, constructive and vital way. Believing in the mirror effect of your words will make your environment fresh. That doesn’t mean you have to keep for yourself what bothers you but it means knowing how to manage and redirect energy.

Fill your agenda with activities and people that make you feel good

Please do the things you like. Don’t let the non-stop from day to day make you forget those little things you enjoy as a child. Try to reserve a weekly space to enjoy an activity that makes you feel alive and makes you enjoy the moment. Also surrounding yourself with optimistic and authentic people who make us feel good is a key point to feel-good energy.

Breathe the present

An Eastern saying says that depression is an excess of the past, anxiety is an excess of the future and living in the present is being in peace. Enjoy the moment and the small pleasures of everyday life. The World is not going to end because of some matter that concerns us. Just smile, breathe and be aware that the true magnet of good energies is yourself.

Ester Mbomio Lagar

Ester is an Executive Journalist with significant experience in communications, international affairs, diplomacy, and public administration. She has a passion for cultures, sustainable development, and innovation. On Women on Topp, she promotes a healthy success and a balanced lifestyle for empowering businesswomen.

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