Understanding ID Verification (IDV): The Key to Safer Online Transactions

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    May 9, 2024
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Running a business in today’s online world opens up a wealth of opportunities, but it also comes with risks.

As a business owner, you might be concerned about online fraud, damaging fake reviews, and the security of your customers’ data. Thus, securing your online transactions is crucial. With the rise of e-commerce and digital payments, the risks of fraud and identity theft have increased significantly. 

This is where ID verification (IDV) comes into play, offering a solid means to protect your business and customers. In this article, we’ll understand what IDV is, its significance, and its benefits for entrepreneurs like yourself.

What Is ID Verification (IDV)?

ID Verification, abbreviated as IDV, is the process of confirming a person’s identity. It helps ensure that the individual engaging in an online transaction is who they claim to be.

Whether purchasing goods, accessing financial services, or signing up for memberships, IDV plays a key role in preventing fraud and building trust between businesses and customers. IDV uses different techniques for identity verification. These include:

  • Knowledge-based authentication (KBA): Here, you’ll be asked some personal questions based on information only you would know. E.g., previous addresses, your favorite sport, or the name of your first pet. 
  • One-time password (OTP) verification: As the name suggests, you’ll receive a single-use code sent to the registered number or email to complete the verification process.
  • Two-factor authentication (TFA): Also called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). It involves an additional form of verification besides the usual username and password. The additional verification could be in the form of text verification, biometric authentication, hardware tokens, or even location-based verification.
  • Document verification: It consists of checking government-provided IDs like passports or driver’s licenses. 
  • Biometric authentication: This is based on human attributes like fingerprints, facial detection, or voice analysis.

By implementing IDV, you not only reduce the risk of fraud but also promote trust and transparency with your customers.

How Does IDV Protect Your Business?

  • Prevents Fake Orders and Chargebacks: Fraudsters often target businesses with bogus orders, aiming to get goods for free or file false chargebacks. Online fraud has skyrocketed in recent years. 

    According to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US reported $5.9 billion in fraud-related losses in 2021. Similarly, internet crime-related losses were also at a record high of $6.9 billion. These figures mean that there was an increase of 436% and 392% in losses when compared to those in 2017.

IDV helps you avoid losses by confirming whether a real person with legit payment information places the order. Thus, saving you from lost revenue and hassle.

  • Secures Online Payments: When you integrate IDV APIs into your payment system, you add a layer of extra security. According to AU10TIX, these APIs enable verification checks in real time. Thus, preventing unauthorized transactions before they happen.
  • Safeguarding Customer Data: Storing sensitive customer data is a massive responsibility. IDV solutions help you verify customer identities, protecting this valuable data and reducing your risk if a data breach ever occurs. 
  • Reducing Fake Reviews: As your business grows, so will the hate that comes along with it. Your competitors, disgruntled employees, or angry customers will try to harm you with fake reviews. IDV helps you identify real customers, helping to weed out fraudulent reviews that can unfairly damage your reputation.
  • Customer Confidence: Knowing that you take security seriously boosts customer confidence. IDV conveys to your customers that you value their data and are committed to safe online transactions. 

    And consumers value this, as they are aware of online risks and value companies that prioritize security. A 2023 report found that over 65% of customers would not trust a company with their data if that company suffered a cyberattack. Moreover, 44% of consumers would blame these attacks on the company’s inadequate safety standards.

    By adopting robust IDV measures, you’ll set your business apart from your competitors.

How Does ID Verification Work?

IDV typically involves cross-checking user-provided information against trusted data sources like credit bureaus or government databases. This process, combined with document verification and biometrics, helps establish the authenticity of a user’s identity.

Choosing the Right IDV Solution

Selecting the appropriate IDV solution is crucial for your business needs. Consider things like industry-specific compliance targets, scalability, and integration flexibility with your current infrastructure.

You’ll also need to choose among the different types of ID verification available. Once done, consider using an IDV API. This technical tool lets you embed ID verification straight into your website or app. It offers a balance between security and user satisfaction, guaranteeing a hassle-free customer journey. 

Look for well-established providers known for security and compliance. When looking for reliable providers, focus on factors like accuracy, speed, ease of integration, and the ability to tailor the verification process to your business demands.

What Types of Businesses Require ID Verification?

IDV is mandatory for businesses operating in regulated sectors like finance, healthcare, online gaming, and e-commerce. Any organization handling sensitive data or conducting high-risk transactions should prioritize robust identity verification measures.

Regulations around IDV are evolving worldwide. Countries like India and Estonia have implemented robust digital identity systems linked to government services and financial transactions. Named Aadhaar and Estonian digital ID (eID), respectively, these systems help citizens establish their identity. They also offer better opportunities for improved facilities, data safety, and higher efficiency.

IDV Best Practices for Small Businesses

Implementing an IDV solution involves several key steps:

  • Define your requirements based on industry regulations and your risk appetite. Find the optimal balance between security and customer convenience.
  • Select an IDV provider that meets your requirements and provides seamless integration with your current technology.
  • Test the IDV solution thoroughly to ensure it functions as intended.
  • Train your staff on how to use and interpret IDV results.
  • Stay informed about new technologies and regulations to make sure your verification systems stay robust.

Additionally, follow data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA to safeguard your customers’ confidential data.

How Much Does ID Verification Cost?

IDV providers typically offer pay-per-verification or subscription-based pricing models. While the initial investment might be high, the cumulative benefits of preventing fraud and maintaining customer trust often outweigh the expenses.

In today’s tech landscape, implementing IDV is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for businesses of all kinds.

While it might look like an additional step, it’s a wise investment in the security and reputation of your business. By verifying your customers’ identities, you can eliminate uncertainties, build credibility, and ensure compliance. Moreover, by embracing IDV solutions, you express a commitment to protecting both your interests and your customers’ private, valuable data.

As a savvy entrepreneur, make IDV a cornerstone of your online strategy for sustained success.

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