Top Skills for Women in Technology

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    October 12, 2022
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Top Skills for Women in Technology

Top skills for women in technology. They say it’s a man’s world and always has been. This saying is still a reality for most, if not all, workplaces that exist in today’s economy. From the Salem Witch Trials to the average modern-day workplace discrimination, the difficulties women face in their everyday lives have gotten better but also remained the same in different ways.

Working as a woman in a “man’s” world comes with a multitude of struggles ranging from minuscule things such as degrading tones when speaking to full-blown differences in wage and even job opportunities.

All jobs have been gendered in the past, with society making breakthroughs within the past decade only. There are also jobs that women are drawn to more naturally such as cosmetics, but that is also due to societal norms having formed each one of us that way. 

Science-related jobs tend to be dominated by men more than women. The reason for that is the history of boys being put into scientific schools as a majority. The field has also been dominated by men for over a century, making breaking through this barrier extremely hard for women. The attitudes toward women tend to be derogatory and biased. 

With life being twice as hard for women regarding careers, we haven’t even mentioned the struggles with family and private dynamics which include women being taxed with more household chores or family duties such as birthing and raising children. 

Technology is also a male-dominated field that women often struggle to be a part of. With hindrances such as a lack of mentors, wage gaps, and unequal growth opportunities still being an apparent issue in technology, Lensa’s take on technology is that there are certain skills that can help women break forward in the field.

Top Skills for Women in Technology

Have confidence in yourself

Getting into technology is difficult and requires high levels of knowledge to truly get anywhere professionally. Remember that you have the skills to be there thanks to all the work you have put into your tech career and education. If you lack confidence initially, pretending to have it is a tool that helps in cementing good habits regarding assertiveness and social dynamics.

Confidence also equates to respect and using it as a positive advantage is the best thing to do in workplaces such as those in technology.

If you can’t find a mentor, be one

With such a minuscule percentile of women working in technology, it is ideal to pull others up rather than to push them down. There is a lack of female mentors in technology which is also a reason for the little number of women who pursue it as a career. Teaching others important skills and helping them flourish in the field increases your credibility as a tech professional.

The best advice when wanting to learn and understand something to perfection can be done by teaching it to someone else and what better way than mentoring another colleague? To expand your experience enough to become a mentor you can also go to training, where you might learn something new and practice your soft skills.

Focus on networking 

Make sure to know people within your company and from other companies in order to make the right connections. It not only increases your personal brand image but also allows you to have different people for different projects at hand. You never know when you need contacts for the future, so creating a solid base early on is essential. 

Take pride in your accomplishments

Accomplishments are a form of validation that is needed as a woman in a space where devaluation is a recurring issue. People tend to forget about their accomplishments due to self-negativity. If you join certain case studies at universities and such, it is also a good way to get exposure, validation, and confirmed accomplishments.

As a woman in the tech industry, it can be hard to find the motivation to stay strong and assertive in the field, especially when trying to find the balance between your personal life and work, and not over-working yourself. Remember that your place is valid no matter what and maintaining a healthy life is what is most important.

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