There is That One Woman That Disappoints Me Always

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    March 24, 2018
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Women are some of the bravest strongest people in the world. They have potential. They are capable. They are the keepers of the culture. They are superheroes. They are magic. And I believe in them.

I do believe in them.

But still, there is that one woman that disappoints me always. Whether she is Laura, Mariam, Sandra, or Manar; she disappoints me.

She disappoints me:

The woman who never knows how to take control of her life.

The woman who plays the victim or accepts to be the victim.

The woman who thinks that beauty is her superpower.

The woman who believes that her beauty is her message.

The woman who never knows how to say “Enough”.

The woman who says life hits me hard but is never strong to hit back.

The woman who needs 60 minutes mirror boost before leaving home.

The woman who is too insecure to live without society’s approval.

The woman who accepts to be a product elaborated by society’s fabrics.

The woman who is fearful, shallow, narrow-minded, clingy, and too dependent.

The woman who doesn’t use the word “No.”

The woman who never knows where she stands in her own life because she is busy wondering where she stands in other people’s life.

The woman who goes to a weaker strategy when approaching men.

The woman who thinks that marriage is the ultimate purpose in life.

The woman who has a total misunderstanding about what makes a real woman.

The woman who never knows how to stop a man from abusing her.

The woman who confuses being confident with being arrogant.

The woman who confuses success with popularity.

The woman who struggles to stand up after she falls.

The woman who thinks that money and status are what makes a true man.

The woman who doesn’t make peace with her past.

The woman who has a pathetic lifestyle.

The woman who uses marketing strategies to promote herself.

The woman who believes in the power of the plastic revolution.

The woman who creates her own drama.

The woman who believes in quantity over quality.

The woman whose character changes when men are around.

The woman who wants to fit in.

The woman who never knows how to walk alone.

The woman who messes things up because she doesn’t know what she wants.

The woman who wears heels higher than her IQ.

The woman who goes with the flow.

The woman who thinks that being a woman is being the weaker sex.

The woman who doesn’t enjoy being a woman.


To the tribe of women I call magic:

I’m not dictating a certain behavior.

I’m here to tell you something else. Love yourself, be yourself, believe in who you are, and know your worth.

Sarah Haidar

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